Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whose Land Is It ?

I haven't blogged in awhile but I thought I would share my thoughts on this.

From Legal Insurrection:
As bad as the Battle of the Barrycades is in Washington, D.C., forcing WWII Vets to have to push their way past barricades at the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Iwo Jima Memorial, what the feds did at Mount Rushmore has to be the most petty and insane of them all.
The feds didn’t just shut the access roads — even though the state offered to pay to keep them open — it erected cones along a viewing road in the distance to prevent people from pulling over to view the presidential monument.

Here is a thought for the people of South Dakota and the other 49 sovereign states in the union,maybe its time to evict the federal government and take back your property.