Friday, March 30, 2012

'Trayvon Martin Carnival'

From The Other McCain:

Am I the only one who sees the Trayvon Martin carnival in this context? Liberals have turned the case into a sort of public festival, a self-congratulatory celebration of their own moral superiority. And they have arranged the symbolic elements of the narrative so that to criticize them — the shameless media moralizers — is to become implicated in George Zimmerman’s presumed guilt.
They are using the corpse of Trayvon Martin as a human shield to conceal their ideological agenda and protect themselves against criticism.
They are 3 reasons,as I can see,that the left is hyping this shooting.

1.) Race is big business on the left.The likes of Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton,and others have enriched themselves on racism.By using racial discord,they have shaken down businesses,organizations,individuals,and governments,from which they have accrued a fortune.They sense a jackpot here.

2.) They are strengthening their hand for November.One of the last weapons Obama has left in his arsenal is the race card.Obama is going to try to paint whoever his opponent is in November as a bigot.This will not only help drive a large black turnout,but play on white guilt as well,helping to sway the independents his way -because nobody wants to be called a racist.

3.) This is part of the lefts on going assault on the 2nd amendment.They are trying to use this and any other shooting they can manipulate to further restrict your right to keep and bear arms -in this case they are targeting the so called 'stand your grounds' laws.

Also,we shouldn't fall into the trap of defending George Zimmermann's innocence,analyzing video looking for cuts and bruises.He may very well be innocent but their is still a lot we do not know about this case.

What we need to focus our attention upon is to not let the left manipulate this whole situation and force more gun control legislation down our throats.That is the real threat here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Will The Supreme Court Declare Obamacare Unconstitutional?

From the Los Angeles Times:
The Supreme Court's conservative justices said Wednesday they are prepared to strike down President Obama’s healthcare law entirely.
Picking up where they left off Tuesday, the conservatives said they thought a decision striking down the law's controversial individual mandate to purchase health insurance means the whole statute should fall with it.
The court’s conservatives sounded as though they had determined for themselves that the 2,700-page measure must be declared unconstitutional.

While everything looks encouraging,lets not declare victory just yet.They Court still may rule in favor of Obamacare,nothing is done until its done.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'Playing With Fire'

Thomas Sowell:

The man who shot the black teenager in Florida may be as guilty as sin, for all I know — or he may be innocent. We pay taxes so that there can be judges and jurors who sort out the facts. We do not need Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the president of the United States spouting off before the trial has even begun. Have we forgotten the media’s rush to judgment in the Duke University “rape” case that blew up completely when the facts came out?
If the facts show that a teenager who was no threat to anyone was shot and killed, it will be time to call for the death penalty. But if the facts show that the shooter was innocent, then it will be time to call for people in the media and in politics to keep their big mouths shut until they know what they are talking about.
Playing with racial polarization is playing with fire.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

'Sandusky Labeled 'Likely Pedophile' In 1998 Report'

 Dr. Alycia A. Chambers,therapist to one of Sandusky's 'alleged' victims,filed a report with Penn State police identifying Sandusky as a potential predator,but no one cared to read it:
Chambers’ detailed report is potentially significant because it was the first clear warning about the former Penn State coach’s actions – nearly four years before a then-graduate assistant, Mike McQueary, reported to the late Coach Joe Paterno and other top school officials that he had found Sandusky in the Penn State showers one evening with another young boy, engaged in what he viewed as sexual contact. (Paterno testified last year he was unaware of the 1998 investigation and Gary Schultz, the former Penn State vice president who oversaw the school police, testified that he never reviewed the details of the case. A Penn State spokesman declined comment, citing pending investigations.)
Chambers gave her report to Penn State police Officer Ronald Schreffler on May 7, 1998, along with a cover letter that highlighted “the gravity of the incidents.” Chambers had also reported the incident to the Pennsylvania “suspected child abuse” hotline, where officials wrote up their own report identifying Sandusky as the “AP” or “Alleged Perpetrator.” Lauro, an investigator who specialized in abuse cases, was assigned to work the case with Schreffler.
Investigators brought in a second psychologist, John Seasock, who had worked with the local Centre County Child and Youth Services, a local agency that had licensed Sandusky as a foster parent. After meeting with the boy for an hour, Seasock concluded that no sexual offense had taken place nor was there “grooming” or “inappropriate sexual behavior” by Sandusky.
And this:
But the police files show that Seasock conducted his interview of the boy “cold,” without reviewing Chambers’ report or prior transcripts of interviews with the boy and that he failed to elicit some key details, such as Sandusky kissing the boy and telling him, “I love you.” Seasock acknowledged to police there were some “gray areas” and that investigators “can’t walk away from the investigation.” But he also appeared to dismiss most of the concerns that had been raised about Sandusky.

What angers me about this whole disgusting chain of events is not that no one knew,it is that no one cared to know.Its one thing to be ignorant of a matter,its another thing entirely not to want to know and that's exactly what happened here.Penn State -including Joe Paterno himself- nor the local and state authorities wanted to know what Jerry Sandusky was doing with those kids.In fact when McQueary made known to Paterno that he found Sandusky violating a child in the football teams shower,'Joe Pa' couldn't get that information out of his lap fast enough,pushing up the Penn State's chain of command.The only thing this bunch wanted to know was their own ease and comfort and make sure no one made any waves that might upset it.

Jimmy Carter:'There Is Some Fallibility In........The Bible'

Jimmy Carter has released his own study Bible and had this to say: 
“When we go to the Bible we should keep in mind that the basic principles of the Bible are taught by God, but written down by human beings deprived of modern day knowledge. So there is some fallibility in the writings of the Bible. But the basic principles are applicable to my life and I don’t find any conflict among them.”
'Cousin' Jimmy,if the Bible is 'fallibile' in any shape or form,it is not God's Word.God is infallible.God and his Word are the same.Therefore God's Word is infallible.We are the ones who are fallible.

Whatever 'contrdictions' you may find in the Bible,you super-imposed them there,through your deceit,conceit,and just plain ignorance -there is just a lot we do not know.Just because we fail to 'rightly divide the Word of truth',doesn't make the Bible untrue.'Let God be true but every man a liar' -Romans 3:4

'Pope Benedict:Communism No Longer Working In Cuba'

From The Guardian:

Pope Benedict XVI, flying to Cuba for a historic visit, has said that Marxism was out of place in the contemporary world and urged Cubans to find "new models".
His remarks on Friday were at least as forthright as any made by his predecessor, John Paul II, on a groundbreaking trip to the country 14 years ago. Answering a question about his visit to Cuba, which has remained a communist bastion for more than 50 years, the pope said: "Today it is evident that Marxist ideology in the way it was conceived no longer corresponds to reality."
When did communism ever correspond to reality?Next the Pope will tell us fire burns or ice is cold,to state the obvious.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Compassion Of Dr. Ron Paul

Some racist bigot,huh?How many of Ron Paul detractors would have helped this man and his wife at no charge to them,assuming the hospital bill himself?Very few of them!

'Meet Your Elites: Dick Scaife'

The republican Mother has a very interesting post on one of  'the power behind the throne' types,Dick Scaife,'heir to the Mellon steel fortune.'Read it and her other posts,you will be enlightened as of who our self appointed rulers are and the very exclusive circles in which they live and operate.

'The Sun Also Sets'

Some Mark Steyn for your Saturday reading:

By the way, that decline in the U.S./Australian exchange isn’t the only one. Ten years ago the U.S. dollar was worth 1.6 Canadian; now it’s at par. A decade ago, the dollar was worth over ten Swedish Kroner, now 6.7; 1.8 Singapore dollars, now 1.2. I get asked with distressing frequency by Americans where I would recommend fleeing to. The reality is, given the dollar’s decline over the last decade, that most Americans can no longer afford to flee to any place worth fleeing to. What’s left is the non-flee option: taking a stand here, stopping the spendaholism, closing federal agencies, privatizing departments, block-granting to the states — not in 2040, but now. “Suddenly” is about to show up.
I don't think any of us are really prepared for the chaos that is to come.Gird your loins,trust in God,get some silver to barter and trade with,be able to grow your own food,and be well armed,for the times that are ahead!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stonewall Jackson's Begins His Famous Valley Campaign

150 years ago the Battle of Kernstown,Va. occurred beginning the greatest military campaign in U.S. history.Though Kernstown was a defeat for Stonewall Jackson and his Army of the Valley -it would be their only defeat in the whole campaign- it became a strategic victory,playing on Lincoln's fears for the security of Washington.To assuage those fears,Lincoln diverted Union Reinforcements from besieged Richmond to deal with the threat in the Valley.From Kernstown Old Jack would go on to defeat Fremont at McDowell,rout Commissionaire Banks at Winchester.Later on Lincoln would try to converge 2 armies,one under the Pathfinder Fremont and the other under Gen. James Shields, in Stonewall Jackson's rear,but Jackson would upset old Abe's plan.Through hard marching and the detailed maps of Jedediah Hotchkiss of the Shenandoah Valley,Stonewall and his Foot Cavalry would beat Fremont and Shields to the spot.Defeating Fremont at Cross Keys,then Shields at Port Republic,securing the Valley until 1864.

Why Does J.E.B. Bush Matter?

To have heard the talking heads this week,you would have thought Ronald Reagan had arisen from the grave and endorsed Mitt Romney for president,but it was only J.E.B.Why is he such a big deal?Is it because he represents the Bush family seal of approval?The Bushes,George H.W. and George W.,are as much responsible for the mess this country is in as Carter,Clinton,and Obama.Why would we want anymore of them?

Obamacare Goes To The Supreme Court Monday

Charles Krauthammer:
Beginning March 26, the Supreme Court will hear challenges to the law. The American people, by an astonishing two-thirds majority, want the law and/or the individual mandate tossed out by the Court. In practice, however, questions this momentous are generally decided 5 to 4, i.e., they depend on whatever side of the bed Justice Anthony Kennedy gets out of that morning.
Ultimately, the question will hinge on whether the Commerce Clause has any limits. If the federal government can compel a private citizen, under threat of a federally imposed penalty, to engage in a private contract with a private entity (to buy health insurance), is there anything the federal government cannot compel the citizen to do?
If Obamacare is upheld, it fundamentally changes the nature of the American social contract. It means the effective end of a government of enumerated powers — i.e., finite, delineated powers beyond which the government may not go, beyond which lies the free realm of the people and their voluntary institutions. The new post-Obamacare
The whole question in a nutshell is will we remain as we are,a semi-free people barely hanging on to our God given liberty,or will we become a full-blown tyrannical,socialist state,that can order us about like slaves?If the Supreme Court holds to form,tyranny will carry the day and we will have stamped on our behinds,'property of the U.S. government.'

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why Mitt Romney Will Lose To Barack Obama Come November

From The New Republic:
Curiously overlooked, though, is just what a shift this rhetoric is from the approach that Romney took on the issue of gas prices while governor of Massachusetts. Befitting his profile as a moderate Republican who cared about the environment, Governor Romney responded to price spikes by describing them as the natural result of global market pressures and by calling for increases in fuel efficiency—the same approach that he now derides Obama for taking as president. 
Hat tip to Protein Wisdom.

Obama said this referring to Obamacare,from CNN:

"We designed a program that actually previously had support of Republicans, including the person who may end up being the Republican standard bearer and is now pretending like he came up with something different," the president said.
Hat tip to Hot Air.

This is Mitten's problem,alot of what Obama supports now,Mitt supported it before him.How in the world is he going to contrast himself as an alternative,when he held the very same postions a short time ago?

This says it best:

Exposing Obama's 2% Myth

Obama's 'Faith-Based Energy Policy'

From Victor Davis Hanson:

A president, so Obama claims, has little control over gas prices. New domestic supplies of oil would not come on the market for years. Americans consume a quarter of the world’s oil supplies while possessing only 2 percent of global reserves. In a global oil market, additional American drilling would not make that much of a price difference.
But all of these claims are either flat wrong or misleading. Presidents can affect gas prices, at least in the long term, by exercising budgetary discipline resulting in a currency that buys more oil per dollar, by approving or rejecting federal oil leases, and by adding or curbing regulations that affect oil exploration and development. In all of these cases, Obama has supported policies that contribute to higher gas prices.
The point about the lag time between finding and pumping oil is valid. But that reality is precisely why presidents must green-light exploration for future generations — and why Obama is now bragging of record U.S. production only because of his predecessor’s granting of federal oil leases. Obama’s “it takes too long” argument is absurd — as if farmers should never plant new orchards since they won’t see fruit on their trees for three years or more.
Obama’s knowledge of U.S. reserves is 20 years out of date. In the first three years of his administration alone, new finds offshore, in Alaska, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in unexpected places such as North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio have revolutionized America’s energy future in ways undreamed of just a few years ago. We probably have 100 years of natural-gas supplies at present rates of consumption and could cut our imported oil by 50 percent in a few years.
Even Obama does not believe his own dismissals of the role of global supply and demand in setting energy prices. In a tight world oil market, just a few million more barrels a day produced anywhere — or even the indication that a major producer like America might soon put 2 million or 3 million more barrels a day on the market — can help to stabilize prices. That’s why Obama is considering tapping oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve while asking the Saudis to pump a little more. Does the president believe that more foreign or previously pumped oil would lower world prices in a way newly pumped domestic oil would not?
Technologies such as fracking and horizontal drilling have made it possible for Americans to produce their own oil and gas as never before. We can pump oil with less environmental damage than can Venezuela, Mexico, and Nigeria. New domestic production would save a near-bankrupt America billions of dollars currently being lost in import costs while cutting security expenses in deploying forces to the Middle East.
New oil development will create thousands of jobs, worry speculators that America will soon release lots of oil on the world market, and provide a window to produce alternative energies without slapdash, Solyndra-like boondoggles. Drilling is a win, win, and win choice — and so known to everyone except the president and his shrinking number of reactionary advisers, who prefer green faith to hard science.

I like the fact that Victor Davis Hanson includes our plummeting dollar into the equation of rising gas prices.Most only refer to more drilling as a way to ease our pain at the pump,while ignoring the fact that a strong dollar would effect the price of crude oil on the market,since it is bought and sold in U.S. dollars.The only cannidate anywhere,who is talking about strengthing our dollar,is Ron Paul.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Paul Harvey From 1965 "If I Were The Devil"......',Updated: Essay Used 'Many Times Over' Paul Harvey's Career

Hat tip to Adrienne's Corner.


Via Free North Carolina:  
"If I Were the Devil" was an essay written and popularized by radio commentator and syndicated columnist Paul Harvey, who featured it in both media many times over the course of his long career, periodically updating it to incorporate current trends. The oldest version of this piece we've found so far appeared in his newspaper column in 1964

Contrasting that 1964 version of the essay with Paul Harvey's 1996 newspaper version shows that, although the concept and structure of the essay remained the same across the decades, its content evolved quite a bit over the years.

Top 10 Undiscovered Wrecks Of WW2

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Barack Obama,You Are No Rutherford B. Hayes

From International Liberty:

I would also like to note,that Rutherford B. Hayes ended the illegal occupation of the Southern states by Federal troops in what was called Reconstruction.But worry not,President Obama is planning on occupying all 57 states soon.

The New Face Of Terrorism- A Toddler In A Wheelchair

Hat tip to RedState.

I am not a truther.I do not believe George W. Bush and the Federal government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.What I do believe however is that the Federal government took full advantage of the situation and made a power grab through the Patriot Act,usurping more FREEDOM from the American people in the name of SECURITY.Thats why little boys in wheelchairs get searched,swabbed,and have to lift their shirts up,to prove they are not a terrorist.

Also check out this chart at International Liberty showing the size of the TSA's budget,how they spend taxpayers money,and just how effective they really are.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

'Police Intervene,Arrest Ron Paul Backers At Missouri Caucus'

From Yahoo:

Police and organizers shut down proceedings at one of Missouri's largest caucuses today, as Ron Paul supporters feuded with local GOP leaders.
"It's like the Hatfields and the McCoys around here," St. Charles County's former GOP chairman told ABC News, after police arrived on-scene with a helicopter and removed Paul backers.
In St. Charles, an exurb of St. Louis and one of the state's largest GOP counties, Paul supporters sought to elect their own chairman and adopt their own rules when proceedings opened - both of which are part of standard caucus rules and procedure. But as they argued with the caucus chair, Paul supporters held video cameras - against caucus rules, according to a GOP official who was there - and things became contentious.
This whole primary and caucus season has been a SHAM.The GOP will break their own rules to keep Ron Paul and his supporters from having any voice in THEIR party.

Whoever is GIVEN the GOP nomination in the end,will be a FRAUD!He will have won a RIGGED election,with all the cards stacked in his favor.

'Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud'

Hat tip to Revolution Free Press.

This is happening not just in Georgia,but all across this country,the GOP is suppressing the Ron Paul vote.

'Geraldo: What Do We Gain In Afghanistan By Sacrificing U.S. Troops For Another Two Years?'

I hate to agree with the 'king of hype',Geraldo Rivera,but he is right.Their is absolutely nothing to be gained by staying in Afghanistan one more day but a mounting causality list.But ALLAHPUNDIT over at HOT AIR disagrees:
To answer his question, though, we gain two things by staying put until 2014. One is two more years to turn the Afghan National Army into a force that’s ready and willing to fight to the death for a government that’s best known for profligate graft and vote-rigging. Two is the pride that comes with leaving on our own timetable instead of being chased out by a menagerie of corrupt bureaucrats, ANA saboteurs, and Taliban. Given the apparent hopelessness of the first purpose, I think the second is the prime motive at this point. But the more Karzai pulls inflammatory insanity like this, the more the public’s going to come around to Geraldo’s let-him-hang position
Yes,we should stay and fight for pride.That's a legitimate reason to risk our soldiers lives,all so men like you can smote your breast and say,'at least we left on our timetable.'What an absolute pile of bull excrement!

Every CINC has an obligation to the troops that he commands,not to needlessly expend their lives in a battle they cannot win.Whether we leave Afghanistan now or 2 years from now,it will not effect the outcome there.Afghanistan will either grow worse or remain the same as it is today,with or without us.Their is nothing our troops can do to alter the situation there.The only thing left to do is to get out with the minimum amount of damage incurred and loss of life.Their is no pride and honor in losing 1 more American in Afghanistan.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Big Brother 'Wants To Spy On You Through Your TV'

From the Daily Mail:
When people download a film from Netflix to a flatscreen, or turn on web radio, they could be alerting unwanted watchers to exactly what they are doing and where they are.
Spies will no longer have to plant bugs in your home - the rise of 'connected' gadgets controlled by apps will mean that people 'bug' their own homes, says CIA director David Petraeus.
The CIA claims it will be able to 'read' these devices via the internet - and perhaps even via radio waves from outside the home.
Why more and more people are not outraged by the constant surveillance that the average American is under daily defies belief.We are watched on the on the road through traffic cams.We are watched in the stores we visit.Many of you would be shocked by the detailed information that the Federal government has compiled on each one of us.They know who our friends are.They no our medical history.They know what our political and religious beliefs are.They know our spending and eating habits.Even your phone calls are monitored by the NSA.Their is very little Big Brother doesn't know about us and most of us could care less.

One of the reasons I think we are so apathetic to the governments prying eyes is television.Through programs like NCIS,Person of Intrest,and any of the CSI shows we have become desensitized to surveillance.What can be so bad about Gibbs using it to catch a 'bad guy' every week?He would never use such things to compile information on a 'good guy' like me?Think again,darlin. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

'Presidential Embarressment About Gas'

From Victor Davis Hanson:
It is sad to see the president of the United States not telling the truth about the current gas crisis, as he barnstorms the country ridiculing those who wish to develop more domestic gas and oil.
Yes, we are pumping more oil since January 2009, but only due to prior public leases granted before he took office and new ones on private lands that came despite rather than because of his policies. Unlike Barack Obama, someone who must remain unmentioned decided that it was wise for America to lease federal lands for oil exploration that would come on line in some cases after he left office. Likewise, U.S. demand had slacked off during Obama’s tenure not due to any administration policy, unless prolonging the recession to curb demand was intended.
And to the degree that Obama has had a role in oil production, his has mostly been negative, in denying more new federal leases than did any other recent president. Yet for all the rhetoric about flat-earthers who believe in strange things like supply and demand, Obama himself knows that increasing oil supply does matter. Why? Because he is pondering again tapping the strategic oil reserve, while Democratic senators keep reminding us that the U.S. is begging the Saudis to increase their own production. So why would increased oil from a reserve or from Saudi Arabia matter in a way that increased domestic production heretofore has not?
And the president knows that just in his first three years, there has been a revolutionary change in the known oil and gas supplies of the United States. Fracking and horizontal drilling have completely altered the potential supply-and-demand dynamic in America — a development not only unappreciated by his administration, but also apparently unwelcomed as well. Would that Obama had talked as much about the potential of fracking as he has Solyndra.
Finally the president has not been candid enough to admit that his administration’s own policy heretofore has been to encourage subsidized wind and solar energy at great expense with little to show for it, while expressing a desire for fossil fuels to increase in price. On two occasions Energy Secretary Chu has acknowledged his own wish for higher gas prices, or at least not a worry that they are rising. Interior Secretary Salazar has expressed a similar lack of worry over increased gas prices. And of course the president himself during the past campaign had talked of skyrocketing energy prices as a good thing, while later worrying mostly over the abrupt rate in the rise of gas prices, rather than the fact of high prices themselves.
What Obama and his corporate cronies don't understand -maybe they do but don't care as long as they get paid- is the fact that who ever can provide or obtain an abundant supply of energy sources at an affordable cost will dominate the 21st century.Right now China understands this and we are well behind them in the race for energy superiority.

'Giant Manta Raised From The Depths Off Africa's Shore By Ship's Anchor'

"The stinging Manta ray was killed when the oil rig servicing ship anchored at the middle of ocean near Bonny Island. The anchor of the ship brought the stinging ray up while the ship was about to sail. The stinging Manta ray was killed while resting at the ocean floor.

"But guess what? It was sold to fishermen that was around when it was killed at the amount of five thousand naira only. It could have been preserved. My friend is one of the people on the ship deck."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marines Told To Disarm Themselves In Leon Panetta Presence

U.S. Defense Secertary Leon Panetta went to Afghanistan today and a Afghan national tried to blow him up.That didn't make him nervous,but speaking to armed Marines made Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus nervous:

In a sign of the nervousness surrounding the visit, Marines and other troops among the 200 people gathered in a tent at Camp Leatherneck to hear Mr. Panetta speak were abruptly asked by their commander to get up, place their weapons — M-16 and M-4 automatic rifles and 9-mm pistols — outside the tent and then return unarmed. The commander, Sgt. Maj. Brandon Hall, told reporters he was acting on orders from superiors.
“All I know is, I was told to get the weapons out,” he said. Asked why, he replied, “Somebody got itchy, that’s all I’ve got to say. Somebody got itchy; we just adjust.”
Normally, American forces in Afghanistan keep their weapons with them when the defense secretary visits and speaks to them. The Afghans in the tent were not armed to begin with, as is typical.
To ask soldiers and Marines to disarm themselves in a war zone is humiliating.If Gen. Gurganus doesn't trust the soldiers and Marines he commands not to shoot the SOD,maybe he shouldn't be commanding them in the first place.

'Massacre In Afghanistan: Is It Time To Bring The Troops Home?'

Their was very little chance we could build a democracy in Afghanistan to begin with -if you ask me no chance at all- but their is absolutely no chance to accomplish anything in Afghanistan now.We need to load up and get out of Afghanistan ASAP.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Al Gore Says 'Democracy Has Been Hacked'


"Our democracy has been hacked," said Gore, framing Washington gridlock and the effects of special interest money in digital terms.
To fix what he called a no-longer functional U.S. government, Gore urged the audience to begin a new "Occupy Democracy" movement. He pushed for the creation and implementation of digital tools and social media to "change the democratic conversation."
Gore talked of a "Wiki-democracy" of "digital flash mobs calling out the truth" and "a government square that holds people accountable."
Yes AlGore,we need more mob rule in this country.The left needs to stand up more and shout down their opponents on the Internet.More voter intimidation.More harassing hard working people because they don't want to be a slave in your utopia,that's exactly what we need more of.Maybe while your at it you can burn that hindrance between you and nirvana too,the Constitution,the bureaucrats in Washington would never miss it.

Obama's Rising Cost Of Doing Business In America

Monday, March 12, 2012

'The Final Voyage Of The Enterprise'

Mark Krikorian:
But after this year the U.S. Navy will no longer have an Enterprise, which is why there’s a petition to name the next planned carrier, CVN-80, the USS Enterprise. Sign it, because we’ve gotten into the habit of naming our greatest warships after politicians, and not even dead ones — one of the newest carriers is the USS George H. W. Bush. Look, I voted for the guy, and he was a whole lot better than the current occupant, but nothing named by the U.S. government — not a building, not a scholarship program, certainly not one of the greatest warships built by mankind — should be named after a living person. Except for posthumous Medal of Honor recipients, it seems to me you should be dead for 50 years, preferably 100, before your name is even eligible to be considered for a naval ship.
And while we’re naming ships after Jimmy Carter and John Murtha and Bob Hope, keep in mind there’s no USS Lexington or Yorktown or Saratoga or Midway or Khe Sanh or, if we want to name them after people, Benjamin Franklin or John Adams or Jefferson or Madison or Monroe or Jackson. There have been nearly 1,000 Marine and Navy combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan — any one of those is more appropriate as the name of a ship than the USS Gabrielle Giffords.
I agree with Mr. Krikorian,we have gotten into a bad habit of naming our warships after politicians and celebrities,with the exception of Bob Hope.For over 60 years Bob Hope work tireless with the USO,bringing a little slice of home to men and women in uniform in a far away land.How many of the spoiled brats in Hollywood do that now?Not many.

Also,after naming the next carrier Enterprise,we should name the next 2 John Paul Jones and William F. (Bull) Halsey respectively.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

'LSD 'Helps Alcoholics To Give Up Drinking'

From the BBC News:
Prof David Nutt, who was sacked as the UK government's drugs adviser, has previously called for the laws around illegal drugs to be relaxed to enable more research.
He said: "Curing alcohol dependency requires huge changes in the way you see yourself. That's what LSD does.
"Overall there is a big effect, show me another treatment with results as good; we've missed a trick here.
"This is probably as good as anything we've got [for treating alcoholism]."
This is absolutely absurd!Yes,LSD will change the way you see yourself and everyone else,its called hallucinating!All your are doing is swapping one addiction for another.

Which reminds me of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly -a book and record I loved when I was a child.In the book,the Old Lady,swallows a fly,then she swallows a spider to catch the fly,then she swallows a bird to to get the spider,on and on she goes until she swallows a horse and DIES.

So the LSD gets rid of the alcoholism,what will get rid of the addiction to LSD?Crack?Crystal meth?Maybe sniffing glue or gas?Maybe this is what Prof Nutt has in mind:

Make NO MISTAKE,if you pursue this path,YOU WILL DIE!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

'Lies, Damn Lies & Government Statistics: How Bureaucrats Use Numbers To Manipulate Us'

Government statics are nothing more than a shell game.We are told that the unemployment rate is falling,but we find out that less than 2/3rds of working aged Americans are actually employed.Something just doesn't smell right.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ron Paul:Not For Sale

Hat tip too The republican Mother.

This maybe the best endorsement Ron Paul could get,coming from a crook like Jack Abramoff,that he couldn't buy Ron Paul!

'The Battle Of Big Ideas, Part 1: CONSTRAINED VS. UNCONSTRAINED'

Bill really hits the nail on the head here,especially in his comparison of the American Revolution to the French Revolution.

The American Revolution was founded upon 2 great pillars,the ideals of justice and liberty,and within the shadows of these pillars our free soiciety grew.What our Founding Fathers understood was that to have true liberty and true justice they both must coexist.Without justice,liberty would transform into anarchy,and without liberty,justice would mutant into tyranny,each one must be held in tension with the other for both to survive.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

'Government Sets Record Deficit In February'

Verbatim post from The Washington Times:
The federal government recorded its worst monthly deficit in history in February, according to a preliminary report Wednesday from the Congressional Budget Office that said the deficit in fiscal year 2012 is already more than half a trillion dollars.
The CBO’s figures show that despite repeated efforts to trim spending, the government has borrowed 42 cents of every dollar it spent during the first five months of this fiscal year.
The nonpartisan agency projected the government will run a deficit of $229 billion in February, the highest monthly figure ever. The previous high was $223 billion a year ago, in February 2011.
It is the 41st straight month the government has run a deficit — itself a record streak that dates back to the final months of President George W. Bush’s tenure. Before now, the longest streak on record was 11 months.
For all of fiscal year 2012, which began Oct. 1, the budget analysts said the government has raised $869 billion in revenue but spent $1.5 trillion so far.
Congress and President Obama sparred for most of last year on how to cut spending, but the CBO’s figures show that spending has actually remained flat in 2012 once the timing of certain payments has been adjusted.
Mr. Obama last month released a budget that showed the government averaging $1 trillion deficits for the rest of this decade. House Republicans are working to write their own budget now, while Senate Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has said he doubts his chamber will write a budget this year.
We are headed towards the cliff of ruin Thelma & Louise style.

'Obama Admin Cites 'Int'l Permission,' Not Congress, As 'Legal Basis' For Action In Syria'

Hat tip to Free North Carolina.

The problem here is not that the Obama administration openly violates the Constitution on an almost a daily bases.No!The real problem here lays with Congress.With all of Sen. Sessions outrage,he and the Republicans in Congress WILL DO NOTHING to force the Obama administration to conform to the Constitution.Thats why the Constitution provides for checks and balances,sir,to stop such violations.The Constitution does not operate upon the honor system,you must enforce it for it to work.

On another note,why should we get involved in Syria at all?How does Syrians killing Syrians threaten our national security or interests in the region?The cold hard truth is that a long drawn out civil war in Syria is a benefit to us and Israel.It weakens Syria,no matter who the victor would be,and they wouldn't be a threat in the time being or for awhile afterwards to their neighbors,especially to Israel.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Facing The Arithmetic'

The point I disagree with Bill on here,is that when the collapse comes -not IF but WHEN- it will be far worse than the War Between the States or the Great Depression.

In the WBTS the nation was divided primarily along lines of geography.In the coming collapse the nation will fragment into a thousand pieces,everyone clinging to their racial,ethnic,or economic class, group or tribe.

In the Great Depression we had common values and interests that united us.Now and in the coming collapse we have very little in common with one another.We don't even share a common language in this country any longer.

The values and institutions that used to unite us have been either destroyed or assaulted into irrelevance by the progressives.They have destroyed the family,replacing it with the Nanny State.They have forced religion out of the public square,making us a godless people.Through their dominance of the public education system they have removed national pride and a common heritage from us,creating instead a shame in our country and divided us into competing groups all in the name of diversity.

I hope I am wrong,but in the coming economic collapse we will not all unite and come together to face our problems like on the Walton's.On the contray,our cities will burn with rage and our streets will run with blood as people starve,because the state they so depended on can no longer take care of them.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I'm Voting For Ron Paul

In the beginning I was hoping that Sarah Palin would enter the race,but she chose not to.After looking at all of the 'approved' candidates,I found they were conservatives in name only,more of a continuation of George W. Bush.So I decided to vote for my ideals and convictions instead of a personality.

I decided to vote for Constitutional government.A government that is clearly defined,with limits on what it could do and not do.A government that is committed to protecting my God given rights.

I decided to vote for sound money.A currency that is stable,that is able to retain its value over time,and able to resist inflation.

To have a sound currency,I decided to vote against the Fed.A cabal that chooses inflation to a strong dollar,that's does nothing but erode wealth,the life savings of our elderly.

Most importantly I decided to vote for freedom.Free markets,free speech,freedom of religion,I'm voting for the right to be my own master,and not be a ward of the state.Today our government has criminalized freedom.I cannot speak what I wish or it maybe labeled 'hate speech.'The government assumes criminal intent when I purchase a firearm.I am assumed to be a terrorist if I fly and don't meet the TSA's approval.On and on I'm a criminal,if I choose to live free.

These are the reasons I am voting for Ron Paul,because I simply want to live free.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

GOP Twit Of The Year

It looks like Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee and will wind up shooting himself in November.Rick Santorum still has run himself over and Newt can't seem to wake up the conservative base.Ron Paul (who is NOT A TWIT) came earlier to run a marathon and the MSM didn't cover it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crony Capitalist Mitt Romney

This video displays exactly what is wrong with America,crony capitalism.Welfare isn't just for the poor.Most of the major corporate players have enriched themselves at the expense of the public.For instance,Mr. Raise My Taxes,Warren Buffett got a 600 million dollar loan,with no intrest,and 34 years before he has to pay a dime back,from the Federal government.Mitt is just more of the same.

This video also shows that Mitt Romney will say and do anything to be elected POTUS.

Hat tip to The republican Mother.

Get H#!! Out Now!!!!!!!

If its Saturday,it must be Steyn:

In the last couple of months, two prominent politicians of different nations visiting their troops on the ground have used the same image to me for Western military bases: crusader forts. Behind the fortifications, a mini-West has been built in a cheerless land: There are Coke machines and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Safely back within the gates, a man can climb out of the full RoboCop and stop pretending he enjoys three cups of tea with the duplicitous warlords, drug barons, and pederasts who pass for Afghanistan’s ruling class. The visiting Western dignitary is cautiously shuttled through outer and inner perimeters, and reminded that even here there are areas he would be ill-advised to venture unaccompanied, and tries to banish memories of his first tour all those years ago when aides still twittered optimistically about the possibility of a photo op at a girls’ schoolroom in Jalalabad or an Internet start-up in Kabul.
The last crusader fort I visited was Kerak Castle in Jordan a few years ago. It was built in the 1140s, and still impresses today. I doubt there will be any remains of our latter-day fortresses a millennium hence. Six weeks after the last NATO soldier leaves Afghanistan, it will be as if we were never there. Before the election in 2010, the New York Post carried a picture of women registering to vote in Herat, all in identical top-to-toe bright blue burkas, just as they would have looked on September 10, 2001. We came, we saw, we left no trace. America’s longest war will leave nothing behind.
They can breach our security, but we cannot breach theirs — the vast impregnable psychological fortress in which what passes for the Pashtun mind resides. Someone accidentally burned a Koran your pals had already defaced with covert messages? Die, die, foreigners! The president of the United States issues a groveling and characteristically clueless apology for it? Die, die, foreigners! The American friend who has trained you and hired you and paid you has arrived for a meeting? Die, die, foreigners! And those are the Afghans who know us best. To the upcountry village headmen, the fellows descending from the skies in full body armor are as alien as the space invaders were to Americans in the film Independence Day.
We need to get the H#!! out of Afghanistan today!Not tomorrow,not next week,not next year,we need to leave Afghanistan right now!Not one more soldier should die for these barbarians!Not one more dollar should be spent on these heathens!No more apologies!Get the H#!! out now!

Friday, March 2, 2012

'Obama's Crazy Union Math'

Why isn't Bill Whittle invited to be a pundit on any of the network news shows?I find his insights to be far superior than most of the so called conservative pundits on FOX,CNN,or any where else for that matter.Maybe a write in campaign is in order?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ron Paul Takes Ben Bernanke To School

Hat tip to The Other McCain.

Were The First Americans European?

From The Washington Post:
Archaeologists have long held that North America remained unpopulated until about 15,000 years ago, when Siberian people walked or boated into Alaska and then moved down the West Coast.
But the mastodon relic found near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay turned out to be 22,000 years old, suggesting that the blade was just as ancient.
Whoever fashioned that blade was not supposed to be here.
Its makers probably paddled from Europe and arrived in America thousands of years ahead of the western migration, making them the first Americans, argues Smithsonian Institution anthropologist Dennis Stanford.
They are going to be a lot of people who wont like this.

Andrew Breitbart Has Passed Away,Updated; L.A. Coroner To Review Breitbarts Death

This is a shock.Andrew Breitbart has passed away,at age 43.

While most of the major names in conservative media have sold themselves out to the establishment and to the MSM,Andrew Breitbart retained his honor.Breitbart never backed down from "the complex."He always challenged what little integrity the media has and enjoyed giving them the point of his of his sword.He will be sorely missed.

I hate to bring this up and not be a conspiracy theorist,even though the family has said Mr. Breitbart has died "from natural causes,"I hope the family has a private autopsy performed.with a full toxicology exam to rule out foul play.Their are many on the left that are over joyed with the passing of Andrew Breitbart this morning.


From the Los Angeles Times:
The Los Angeles County coroner's office will review the death of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who collapsed and died Thursday while taking a nighttime walk near his Westwood home.
Given his young age -- he was 43 -- and the unexpected manner in which he died, authorities will conduct an autopsy to help determine a specific cause of death.
Breitbart's father-in-law, actor Orson Bean, said in an interview with The Times that Breitbart was found collapsed near his home about 12:30 a.m. Paramedics took him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, but doctors were unable to revive him.
"We're devastated. I loved him like a son," Bean said. "It looks like a heart attack, but no one knows until" an autopsy is done.
As I have previously stated,foul play needs to be rule out,Andrew Breitbart had too many enemies on the left who would have loved to kill him.

Real Inflation 'Up Some 8%'

From CBS Money Watch:
Forget the modest 3.1 percent rise in the Consumer Price Index, the government's widely used measure of inflation. Everyday prices are up some 8 percent over the past year, according to the American Institute for Economic Research.

The not-for-profit research group measures inflation without looking at the big, one-time purchases that can skew the numbers. That means they don't look at the price of houses, furniture, appliances, cars, or computers. Instead, AIER focuses on Americans' typical daily purchases, such as food, gasoline, child care, prescription drugs, phone and television service, and other household products.

The institute contends that to get a good read on inflation's "sticker shock" effect, you must look at the cost of goods that the average household buys at least once a month and factor in only the kinds of expenses that are subject to change. That, too, eliminates the cost of housing because when you finance your home with a fixed-rate mortgage, that expense remains constant until you refinance or move.
This is part of the shell game the Federal government plays with us.They measure inflation through purchases we may make once every few years,or as in the case of home purchases,maybe once in a lifetime.This is not only crazy,but also deceitful.

The reason for this deceit is all for the purpose of trying to keep our out of control Federal budget in the same universe as we are in.If our government used an honest method to measure inflation,entitlement spending would go through the roof,because entitlement spending is tied directly to the rate of inflation.

Bernanke Warns Congress That The Nation Is Headed For A 'Massive Fiscal Cliff'

Ben Bernanke stated the obvious but still doesn't have a clue:
Congress risks taking the economy over a “massive fiscal cliff,” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned lawmakers on Wednesday.
In remarks that hit Wall Street stock prices, the central bank boss suggested the economy could hit a serious roadblock if Congress allows the Bush tax rates and a payroll tax cut to expire and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts to be implemented simultaneously in January.

“Under current law, on Jan. 1, 2013, there’s going to be a massive fiscal cliff of large spending cuts and tax increases,” Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee. “I hope that Congress will look at that and figure out ways to achieve the same long-run fiscal improvement without having it all happen at one date.
Here is the problem,Big Ben,we are headed towards a cliff,but spending cuts IS NOT driving us over that cliff.Its SPENDING that's sending us to doomsday.We have a government that not only we,the United States can't afford,but the whole world together can't afford us either.We literally owe more money than their is in the whole wide world.

What Bernanke knows is,that our economy has been made dependent on the Federal government by the Keynesian's and the progressives,and when we cut the budget -and we will either by choice or force- it is going to hurt our economy.So many,from the poorest to the richest receive subsidies from the government in some form,that to eliminate just a small portion of those subsidies would have some adverse effect on our economy.But for us to get fiscally healthy that is a pain we must endure.

On another note,Ben Bernanke also asked Congress to vote on a Constitutional amendment that would make rocks and sticks legal U.S. currency,since Quanative Easing has made our money worth as much.