Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Facing The Arithmetic'

The point I disagree with Bill on here,is that when the collapse comes -not IF but WHEN- it will be far worse than the War Between the States or the Great Depression.

In the WBTS the nation was divided primarily along lines of geography.In the coming collapse the nation will fragment into a thousand pieces,everyone clinging to their racial,ethnic,or economic class, group or tribe.

In the Great Depression we had common values and interests that united us.Now and in the coming collapse we have very little in common with one another.We don't even share a common language in this country any longer.

The values and institutions that used to unite us have been either destroyed or assaulted into irrelevance by the progressives.They have destroyed the family,replacing it with the Nanny State.They have forced religion out of the public square,making us a godless people.Through their dominance of the public education system they have removed national pride and a common heritage from us,creating instead a shame in our country and divided us into competing groups all in the name of diversity.

I hope I am wrong,but in the coming economic collapse we will not all unite and come together to face our problems like on the Walton's.On the contray,our cities will burn with rage and our streets will run with blood as people starve,because the state they so depended on can no longer take care of them.

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