Sunday, March 25, 2012

'Sandusky Labeled 'Likely Pedophile' In 1998 Report'

 Dr. Alycia A. Chambers,therapist to one of Sandusky's 'alleged' victims,filed a report with Penn State police identifying Sandusky as a potential predator,but no one cared to read it:
Chambers’ detailed report is potentially significant because it was the first clear warning about the former Penn State coach’s actions – nearly four years before a then-graduate assistant, Mike McQueary, reported to the late Coach Joe Paterno and other top school officials that he had found Sandusky in the Penn State showers one evening with another young boy, engaged in what he viewed as sexual contact. (Paterno testified last year he was unaware of the 1998 investigation and Gary Schultz, the former Penn State vice president who oversaw the school police, testified that he never reviewed the details of the case. A Penn State spokesman declined comment, citing pending investigations.)
Chambers gave her report to Penn State police Officer Ronald Schreffler on May 7, 1998, along with a cover letter that highlighted “the gravity of the incidents.” Chambers had also reported the incident to the Pennsylvania “suspected child abuse” hotline, where officials wrote up their own report identifying Sandusky as the “AP” or “Alleged Perpetrator.” Lauro, an investigator who specialized in abuse cases, was assigned to work the case with Schreffler.
Investigators brought in a second psychologist, John Seasock, who had worked with the local Centre County Child and Youth Services, a local agency that had licensed Sandusky as a foster parent. After meeting with the boy for an hour, Seasock concluded that no sexual offense had taken place nor was there “grooming” or “inappropriate sexual behavior” by Sandusky.
And this:
But the police files show that Seasock conducted his interview of the boy “cold,” without reviewing Chambers’ report or prior transcripts of interviews with the boy and that he failed to elicit some key details, such as Sandusky kissing the boy and telling him, “I love you.” Seasock acknowledged to police there were some “gray areas” and that investigators “can’t walk away from the investigation.” But he also appeared to dismiss most of the concerns that had been raised about Sandusky.

What angers me about this whole disgusting chain of events is not that no one knew,it is that no one cared to know.Its one thing to be ignorant of a matter,its another thing entirely not to want to know and that's exactly what happened here.Penn State -including Joe Paterno himself- nor the local and state authorities wanted to know what Jerry Sandusky was doing with those kids.In fact when McQueary made known to Paterno that he found Sandusky violating a child in the football teams shower,'Joe Pa' couldn't get that information out of his lap fast enough,pushing up the Penn State's chain of command.The only thing this bunch wanted to know was their own ease and comfort and make sure no one made any waves that might upset it.

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