Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Al Gore Says 'Democracy Has Been Hacked'


"Our democracy has been hacked," said Gore, framing Washington gridlock and the effects of special interest money in digital terms.
To fix what he called a no-longer functional U.S. government, Gore urged the audience to begin a new "Occupy Democracy" movement. He pushed for the creation and implementation of digital tools and social media to "change the democratic conversation."
Gore talked of a "Wiki-democracy" of "digital flash mobs calling out the truth" and "a government square that holds people accountable."
Yes AlGore,we need more mob rule in this country.The left needs to stand up more and shout down their opponents on the Internet.More voter intimidation.More harassing hard working people because they don't want to be a slave in your utopia,that's exactly what we need more of.Maybe while your at it you can burn that hindrance between you and nirvana too,the Constitution,the bureaucrats in Washington would never miss it.

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