Sunday, March 11, 2012

'LSD 'Helps Alcoholics To Give Up Drinking'

From the BBC News:
Prof David Nutt, who was sacked as the UK government's drugs adviser, has previously called for the laws around illegal drugs to be relaxed to enable more research.
He said: "Curing alcohol dependency requires huge changes in the way you see yourself. That's what LSD does.
"Overall there is a big effect, show me another treatment with results as good; we've missed a trick here.
"This is probably as good as anything we've got [for treating alcoholism]."
This is absolutely absurd!Yes,LSD will change the way you see yourself and everyone else,its called hallucinating!All your are doing is swapping one addiction for another.

Which reminds me of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly -a book and record I loved when I was a child.In the book,the Old Lady,swallows a fly,then she swallows a spider to catch the fly,then she swallows a bird to to get the spider,on and on she goes until she swallows a horse and DIES.

So the LSD gets rid of the alcoholism,what will get rid of the addiction to LSD?Crack?Crystal meth?Maybe sniffing glue or gas?Maybe this is what Prof Nutt has in mind:

Make NO MISTAKE,if you pursue this path,YOU WILL DIE!

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