Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr.Trump,Show Us Your Papers

Via JamieWearingFool;

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Thursday took a swipe at billionaire businessman Donald Trump, demanding to see his "Republican registration."
While speaking at a breakfast with New Hampshire Republicans one day after "The Donald" visited the Granite State, Paul riffed off the potential GOP presidential candidate's "birther" questions.
“I’ve come to New Hampshire today because I’m very concerned,” said Paul, according to The New York Times. “I want to see the original long-form certificate of Donald Trump’s Republican registration.”

Paul's comments follow up on some GOP-aligned groups' effort to discredit Trump as a conservative. The free-market Club for Growth
has accused Trump of being a liberal for his previous support of universal healthcare and his desire to raise tariffs on China
Lets see how The Donald measures up to this man.I think we will find out that Mr. Trump is a mental-midget compared to Rand Paul.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Obama's Trump Card"

Thomas Sowell has a brilliant column posted at NRO on Donald Trump's potential candidacy for president;  
Donald Trump as a candidate for the Republican nomination would use his superior articulation skills — not to mention brash irresponsibility — to trash all the other Republican candidates for that nomination, leaving them damaged goods in the eyes of the public, and therefore less able to gather the votes needed to prevent the reelection of Obama.
 For weeks now I have been trying to get my head around why would The Donald  run for president and run as a Republican to boot.He is certainly no conservative.In 2008 he says he voted for Obama.He is a supporter of the Clinton's.He profits from a big and intrusive government.Unless he is running to pump up his already over sized ego,why on Earth would this man run for POTUS?

Their may be a reason and Mr.Sowell alludes to it,a nefarious reason.Donald Trump is a plant.He is a political double agent sent to wreck havoc in the Republican primary field and potentially do damage and weaken the future nominee of the party,to ensure Obama's reelection.

I may be way off base,but that is the only reason that makes sense to The Donald's candidacy

Friday, April 22, 2011

With Whom Did All Our Present Trouble's Begin With?

From TL In Exile
It wasn't Barack Obama who fundamentally changed America, it was every president before him going back to probably Woodrow Wilson with some notable contributors such as Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter.
I would respectfully disagree.All of our current woes go back much further than Woodrow Wilson.They go all the way back to the man,who many declare to have saved the Union,but in reality he destroyed the Union,Abraham Lincoln.

It was Lincoln who trampled all over states and individual rights and made the federal state to be supreme in all matters by the use of force.Lincoln confiscated property at the point of a sword,imprisoned others denying them due process.He suppressed the freedom of speech by shutting down news papers who didn't agree with his war of subjugation.Lincoln denied sovereign,freely elected legislatures to assemble.Most importantly,it was Lincoln who created huge federal armies to invade and subjugate free,independent and sovereign states.

It was Lincoln who laid the foundation which later progressives like Wilson,FDR,and now Barack Obama have created the bloated government we have today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The New Cause Of Global Warming,Ice Makers

Via Fox News;

Want to save the Earth? Easy, just buy a couple of ice trays. To the long list of human inventions that are wrecking global climate—the internal combustion engine, the industrial era factory—add the automatic ice maker.
Climate modelers have long known that households are far bigger contributors to global warming than most laypeople realize. For all the blame tailpipe emissions take for escalating  temperatures, homes and office buildings are actually the single largest contributor to greenhouse gasses. One key reason is the 100-plus million refrigerators in America's 111 million households. According to the Department of Energy, the standard fridge sucks up about 8% of the electricity used by all homes—a pretty big share given the dozens of big and small appliances and electronics that are also drawing juice.
…the Department of Energy has announced that it intends to add 84 kilowatt hours to the efficiency rating of every refrigerator equipped with an icemaker. Consumers will feel that fact in the wallet—and if manufacturers don't scramble to improve their numbers, they soon will too.
First they came for our automobiles.Next they came for our light bulbs.Now they have come for our ice makers.What next?Our microwaves!

Where will this all end?With you not having a shred of your God given liberty,that's what this is all about.This is about the government taking more control of of your daily life.

The modern environmentalist movement isn't interested in the health and well being of planet Earth,but it is concerned more with spreading a socialist agenda in America and around the world.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet The New Face Of Global Warming,Charles Manson

Move over Al Gore,their is a new champion to fight against the scourge of global warming,Charles Manson.Yes,Charles Manson is bringing his unique brand of visionary leadership in the crusade to save to save planet Earth from destruction.Here is what Green Charles had to say in the Daily Mail;  
Crazed cult leader Charles Manson has broken a 20-year silence in a prison interview coinciding with the 40th anniversary of his conviction for the gruesome Sharon Tate murders - to speak out about global warming.
The infamous killer, who started championing environmental causes from behind bars, bemoaned the 'bad things' being done to environment in a rambling phone interview from his Californian jail cell.
'Everyone’s God and if we don’t wake up to that there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere.
'If we don’t change that as rapidly as I’m speaking to you now, if we don’t put the green back on the planet and put the trees back that we’ve butchered, if we don’t go to war against the problem...' he added, trailing off.
He is a founder of ATWA (which both stands for Air Trees Water Animals and All The Way Alive). It's typically manic mission statement warns of the destruction of the planet from pollution.

WTF!Why is this man allowed to found his own non-profit organization?Furthermore,why is this convicted murderer allowed to profit off his perverted paintings and music also?

Charles Manson should have been executed years ago,but California is to "civilized" to do the right thing.Since California won't introduce Mr.Manson to his maker,then he should receive nothing less than the "Cool Hand Luke" treatment.Charlie boy should spend his days digging a hole,then refilling that hole,and digging out that same hole over and over again,because obviously he has to much free time on his hands.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is The Reverend Jessie Jackson Gay?

From NBC;

The complaint, filed sometime last year by Tommy R. Bennett, a regular on the Tom Joyner Radio show and member of Barack Obama's LGBT Leadership Council, includes shocking allegations about Jackson's behavior toward the openly gay staffer including an allegation that the civil rights leader propositioned him.

Bennett, 55, claims Jackson ridiculed him in front of other employees and required him to perform "humiliating tasks" like escorting women to Jackson's various hotel rooms, cleaning up after alleged trysts and packing his clothing.  It also includes an allegation that Jackson asked for oral sex, according to the claim. Jackson flatly denied each claim in his response.
If this Bennett guy had any self-respect he would have told the,"Reverend","to clean up his own DNA."Also,I can't wait to hear what kind of rhyme the,"good Reverend",will come up with to explain this bit of sexual deviance away.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150 Years Ago Today The War Between The States Began

Today 150 years ago the Confederacy was forced to fire upon Fort Sumter,beginning the WBTS.

The Largest Non- Budget Cut In U.S. History

From My Way News;
The details of the agreement reached late Friday night just ahead of a deadline for a partial government shutdown reveal a lot of one-time savings and cuts that officially "score" as cuts to pay for spending elsewhere, but often have little to no actual impact on the deficit.
As a result of the legerdemain, Obama was able to reverse many of the cuts passed by House Republicans in February when the chamber approved a bill slashing this year's budget by more than $60 billion. In doing so, the White House protected favorites like the Head Start early learning program, while maintaining the maximum Pell grant of $5,550 and funding for Obama's "Race to the Top" initiative that provides grants to better-performing schools.
Instead, the cuts that actually will make it into law are far tamer, including cuts to earmarks, unspent census money, leftover federal construction funding, and $2.5 billion from the most recent renewal of highway programs that can't be spent because of restrictions set by other legislation. Another $3.5 billion comes from unused spending authority from a program providing health care to children of lower-income families.
All John Boehner and the Republicans accomplished was to rearrange the chairs on a sinking ship.From Obama and the Democrats you expect it,but if the Republicans wont stand up for fiscal discipline who will.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Shutdown Threat Test Obama's Leadership Skills"

From Stop The ACLU;
A true leader would have convinced the country that legislation like Stimulus and Obamacare were the right things to pass, instead of what actually went on. A true leader would have listened to the people when they said “these are really, really bad ideas.” A true leader wouldn’t launch a war of choice and wait 10 days to give a mealy mouthed speech that left things just as confused as previous. And, really, passing legislation is only a “notable success” inside the Beltway. In the real world, legislation is a notable success when it achieves desirable results.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Exactly Who Is Crazy?!

A pastor in Florida burns a Koran and in Afghanistan Muslim's go on the rampage killing 12 U.N. workers.The weak-kneed politicians here blame the pastor for burning the Koran,not the weak minded Muslim's who rioted and murdered because they were told to by some mullah.No it was some pastor in Florida,who nobody knows,fault,not the mullahs who egged on the crowd in Afghanistan.Just where are those moderate Muslims we hear so much about.

You know we should be thankful nobody has photographed a crucifix in urine,because you never know what those crazy Christians might do.Oh,that's right,someone has already done that,and Christian did not only not riot in the streets,but the guy received federal funding for his"art."Go figure.

Christians today are held accountable for the Crusades,a series of events that happened 1,000 years ago,but Muslims today are not responsible for the events that happen by their very own hand.To say that's a double standard is an understatement.

Jesus said "you shall know them by their fruits",and Islam's fruit is evil.Around the world Islam produces nothing more than rage and hatred.Mercy and forgiveness are not to be found in it.Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace but all we ever see is violence from it.

 Update: This from Mark Steyn at The Corner;

The reason we’re losing this thing is because of a lack of cultural confidence, of which the fetal cringe of this worthless husk out-parodies anything Coward could have concocted. When I’m speaking on this subject, I often get asked to reprise the words I quote in my book, from Gen. Sir Charles Napier in India explaining to the locals his position on suttee — the tradition of burning widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands. General Napier was impeccably multicultural:
You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows.You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.
In the absence of cultural confidence overseas, we are expending blood and treasure building an Afghanistan fit only for pederasts, tribal heroin cartels, and the blood-soaked savages of Mazar e-Sharif. In the absence of cultural confidence at home, we are sending the message that the bedrock principles of free, pluralist societies will bend and crumble in a vain race to keep up with the ever touchier sensitivities of the perpetually aggrieved. Claire Berlinski has it right: The real “racists” here are not this no-name pastor and his minimal flock but Reid, Graham, and the Times — for they assume that a significant proportion of Muslims are not responsible human beings but animals no more capable of rational behavior than the tiger who mauled Siegfried’s Roy. If that is true, certain consequences follow therefrom. The abandonment of the First Amendment is not one of them.

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Conflicts Of Principle And Leadership"

A great post from,T L In Exile;

We need a leader, folks. We need to follow that person and give up some of our principles. We are going to need to fight back and that means collateral damage and that collateral damage is some of the stuff you value most. We can lose a little to gain more, or we can lose it all by the side of a pit, or deep within the bowels of a prison, eating with people we would not normally give the time of day.  We are going to have to do things with which we do not agree, or would otherwise consider beneath us

One of the biggest problem this country faces is the dearth of leadership on the right.Ever since Reagan left office his mantel of leadership has fallen to the ground and no one has been able to picked it up.Some have tried,most notably Newt Gingrich in 1994,but they all lacked the character that was necessary to wear such a heavy burden.
It is a burden that requires the fortitude of courage that will stand unbending against the hell and fury the left will surely bring as you tear their playhouse of big government down.

To assume the mantel of leadership one must have a undying faith.A faith that firmly believes in the course you have chosen.A faith in a God who will see to it that your country will find that course and get there with or without you.You must have faith in the people you lead.You must believe in their goodness even when they doubt that goodness themselves.Most importantly you must believe,without wavering,in our God given liberties,without which all of the above would be meaningless.

At this moment in history on the national scene the pickn's are slim where a leader is concerned.Oh we have Newt,the Huck,and Mitt and a host of others to choose from.When the fire gets hot these will cower and hide from it,but their is one who won't and she has already been tried by that fire.

Sarah Palin may not be the perfect candidate but she is our best hope at this moment to restore Constitutional government back to our country.She has many faults but cowardice is not one of them.Their is grit in her teeth and steel in her spine and she wont back down from any intimidation whatsoever.

Sarah has a libertarian streak that runs through her.She will root out corruption wherever she may find it,both on the right and left.Most importantly she believes our God given rights are none negotiable and government works best when it governs least.

She may not be perfect but she is our best hope.