Friday, April 22, 2011

With Whom Did All Our Present Trouble's Begin With?

From TL In Exile
It wasn't Barack Obama who fundamentally changed America, it was every president before him going back to probably Woodrow Wilson with some notable contributors such as Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter.
I would respectfully disagree.All of our current woes go back much further than Woodrow Wilson.They go all the way back to the man,who many declare to have saved the Union,but in reality he destroyed the Union,Abraham Lincoln.

It was Lincoln who trampled all over states and individual rights and made the federal state to be supreme in all matters by the use of force.Lincoln confiscated property at the point of a sword,imprisoned others denying them due process.He suppressed the freedom of speech by shutting down news papers who didn't agree with his war of subjugation.Lincoln denied sovereign,freely elected legislatures to assemble.Most importantly,it was Lincoln who created huge federal armies to invade and subjugate free,independent and sovereign states.

It was Lincoln who laid the foundation which later progressives like Wilson,FDR,and now Barack Obama have created the bloated government we have today.