Friday, April 1, 2011

"Conflicts Of Principle And Leadership"

A great post from,T L In Exile;

We need a leader, folks. We need to follow that person and give up some of our principles. We are going to need to fight back and that means collateral damage and that collateral damage is some of the stuff you value most. We can lose a little to gain more, or we can lose it all by the side of a pit, or deep within the bowels of a prison, eating with people we would not normally give the time of day.  We are going to have to do things with which we do not agree, or would otherwise consider beneath us

One of the biggest problem this country faces is the dearth of leadership on the right.Ever since Reagan left office his mantel of leadership has fallen to the ground and no one has been able to picked it up.Some have tried,most notably Newt Gingrich in 1994,but they all lacked the character that was necessary to wear such a heavy burden.
It is a burden that requires the fortitude of courage that will stand unbending against the hell and fury the left will surely bring as you tear their playhouse of big government down.

To assume the mantel of leadership one must have a undying faith.A faith that firmly believes in the course you have chosen.A faith in a God who will see to it that your country will find that course and get there with or without you.You must have faith in the people you lead.You must believe in their goodness even when they doubt that goodness themselves.Most importantly you must believe,without wavering,in our God given liberties,without which all of the above would be meaningless.

At this moment in history on the national scene the pickn's are slim where a leader is concerned.Oh we have Newt,the Huck,and Mitt and a host of others to choose from.When the fire gets hot these will cower and hide from it,but their is one who won't and she has already been tried by that fire.

Sarah Palin may not be the perfect candidate but she is our best hope at this moment to restore Constitutional government back to our country.She has many faults but cowardice is not one of them.Their is grit in her teeth and steel in her spine and she wont back down from any intimidation whatsoever.

Sarah has a libertarian streak that runs through her.She will root out corruption wherever she may find it,both on the right and left.Most importantly she believes our God given rights are none negotiable and government works best when it governs least.

She may not be perfect but she is our best hope.

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