Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I'm Voting For Ron Paul

In the beginning I was hoping that Sarah Palin would enter the race,but she chose not to.After looking at all of the 'approved' candidates,I found they were conservatives in name only,more of a continuation of George W. Bush.So I decided to vote for my ideals and convictions instead of a personality.

I decided to vote for Constitutional government.A government that is clearly defined,with limits on what it could do and not do.A government that is committed to protecting my God given rights.

I decided to vote for sound money.A currency that is stable,that is able to retain its value over time,and able to resist inflation.

To have a sound currency,I decided to vote against the Fed.A cabal that chooses inflation to a strong dollar,that's does nothing but erode wealth,the life savings of our elderly.

Most importantly I decided to vote for freedom.Free markets,free speech,freedom of religion,I'm voting for the right to be my own master,and not be a ward of the state.Today our government has criminalized freedom.I cannot speak what I wish or it maybe labeled 'hate speech.'The government assumes criminal intent when I purchase a firearm.I am assumed to be a terrorist if I fly and don't meet the TSA's approval.On and on I'm a criminal,if I choose to live free.

These are the reasons I am voting for Ron Paul,because I simply want to live free.

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Brock Townsend said...

Ron Paul 2008 & 2012.