Sunday, March 18, 2012

'Geraldo: What Do We Gain In Afghanistan By Sacrificing U.S. Troops For Another Two Years?'

I hate to agree with the 'king of hype',Geraldo Rivera,but he is right.Their is absolutely nothing to be gained by staying in Afghanistan one more day but a mounting causality list.But ALLAHPUNDIT over at HOT AIR disagrees:
To answer his question, though, we gain two things by staying put until 2014. One is two more years to turn the Afghan National Army into a force that’s ready and willing to fight to the death for a government that’s best known for profligate graft and vote-rigging. Two is the pride that comes with leaving on our own timetable instead of being chased out by a menagerie of corrupt bureaucrats, ANA saboteurs, and Taliban. Given the apparent hopelessness of the first purpose, I think the second is the prime motive at this point. But the more Karzai pulls inflammatory insanity like this, the more the public’s going to come around to Geraldo’s let-him-hang position
Yes,we should stay and fight for pride.That's a legitimate reason to risk our soldiers lives,all so men like you can smote your breast and say,'at least we left on our timetable.'What an absolute pile of bull excrement!

Every CINC has an obligation to the troops that he commands,not to needlessly expend their lives in a battle they cannot win.Whether we leave Afghanistan now or 2 years from now,it will not effect the outcome there.Afghanistan will either grow worse or remain the same as it is today,with or without us.Their is nothing our troops can do to alter the situation there.The only thing left to do is to get out with the minimum amount of damage incurred and loss of life.Their is no pride and honor in losing 1 more American in Afghanistan.

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