Monday, June 4, 2012

'Imminent Crash'

From the Market Ticker:
Here's the problem though with the sigh of relief you're probably letting out this morning after the drubbing the market handed you Friday -- nothing has in fact been fixed.
That is, the collapse is coming.  Soon -- months, if not weeks from today.  It's coming because there is still not one government that is facing reality -- that one cannot spend more than one makes, and that when governments do that via monetary machinations it is simply debasement of purchasing power.
This must inevitably force increasing numbers of people into poverty, when then forces them to turn to government for "help", and that swells demand for government services.
If you discern that this pattern is a self-reinforcing cycle of destruction, you're right. 
It is.
Those who have even a rudimentary understanding of middle-school arithmetic -- specifically, exponents -- understand that this path must eventually end in disaster. 
Go back and again read the Ticker entitled "What You Simply MUST Understand".  Read it however many times you need to until it sinks in.  You may need to read it once, twice, three times, ten times.  Get out your calculator or pencil and paper and verify everything in it for yourself.
If you're a politician, spend the time to contemplate that Ticker and what it means in the context of "growth of 3%", "growth of 5%" or, the nightmare, medical spending that has been growing at 9.3%, approximately, from 1980 to 2011 at the Federal level.
Now consider that this means that medical spending doubles every 7.5 years, and last year it was $820 billion, more or less.  In 7 year it will be $1.6 trillion, generating an additional $800 billion in deficits every single year.  In 15 years it will generate $1.5 trillion of additional deficits every single year. 
Well, it would generate that level of deficit if our government didn't collapse first -- but it will if we try to do that.
Think about it long and hard folks.
That is the issue in the election this year and in our government in general.  It is the issue for Federal, State and Local governments.  If we do not address this, and do it now, nothing else -- not foreign policy, not gay marriage, not legalization of pot, nothing -- will matter.
We must deal with the fact that this situation has arisen through 30 years of fraud committed by both politicians and financiers in concert with The Fed that have intentionally distorted markets and lied to the public for the explicit purpose of skimming off more and more of the earnings power of the common man.  This has constituted an effective doubling of what the average person loses to "taxation" just in the last three years alone and the "benefit" of that taxation has gone to the banksters to cover up their insolvency-- just as the "Troika" money has in Greece -- rather than actually being spent on programs the voters have desired and clamored for!
The only issue that will matter if we do not address this right now is your Second Amendment rights, because with the inevitable failure of our government you will need to provide for your own personal defense at all times, as there will be no cops, no judges, no courtrooms and no juries -- but there will be lots of thugs.
No man and no woman running for public office is qualified to stand for that election until and unless they address this issue, explain how they're going to solve it and that they understand the inevitable consequences of doing so -- right here, right now, this year, not "in the intermediate term."
And they cannot, in doing so, resort to yet more fraudulent claims of infinite exponential growth.
If you haven't prepared yourself for the eventual collapse of our economy,I suggest you should!

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