Thursday, June 14, 2012

'So Who Needs Romney?'

Ever since Rand Paul endorsed Romney I have been really depressed.Ron Paul seems to have left his supporters hanging,refusing to stand up on their behalf against the establishment,while they are out in the trenches literally risking life and limb.I'm really disappointed in Ron Paul over this,but that's water over the dam.

One thing Romney and the establishment needs to understand,just because Rand endorsed you doesn't mean that WE -those of us who have supported Ron Paul- will follow in his foot steps.Doug Weed makes this point clear: 
Establishment Republicans and the main stream media are having a difficult time understanding why Ron Paul supporters aren’t just falling into line behind Mitt Romney.  Don’t we want the GOP to win?  And don’t we want our own candidate to win the nomination someday?  And if so, don’t we realize that we have to be loyal to the nominee this time?
Of course, these are the same establishment Republicans who are hiring off duty policemen to arrest and detain our duly elected county chairmen, or locking the registered rolls of delegates in the trunks of their cars so that the convention cannot have a roll call vote and they can claim “Ayes have it,” when the “Ayes” don’t have anything.
And this is the mainstream media that gave Ron Paul 89 seconds of an hour long televised debate.  And who in another debate, gave their anchor almost as much time as Dr. Paul, the presidential candidate.  And who ignore videotaped state conventions where delegates have their bones broken for more compelling news stories elsewhere.
We see the train headed toward a canyon and the bridge is out.  There is going to be a great crash.  And meanwhile, we are being urged to change the engineer.  “Obama is driving this train 100 mph!” we are told by hand wringing, hysterical, establishment Republicans.  “We need to get Romney in there.  He will slow it down to 95.”
One point I would like to add to this,while the establishment love to demand that we fall in line and support the nominee,this is something they rarely do.When Christine O'Donnell won the Delaware primary in 2010 the 'All-Stars' on Fox attacked her viciously.When Lisa Murkowski lost to Joe Miller in the Alaska GOP primary,she didn't accept the result,she ran as a independent in the general election.Not to mention the attacks upon Sarah Palin and others that came from the GOP.

We don't owe them anything and its going to be a pretty cold place in you know where before I vote for Romney!


republicanmother said...

Good point that when things don't go the Establishment's way, they don't sit down and shut up, they get even.

Thomas Gann said...

Thank you,republicanmother,for your comment.