Friday, July 8, 2011

"The King James Is An Unparalleled Cultural Triumph"

Last week,Rich Lowery,went an disgraced himself by propagating The Cult Of Lincoln.Now,Rich Lowery,has gone an redeemed himself by correctly surmising the King James version of the Bible's place in our history and our culture;
The availability of the Bible in English, Bobrick notes, fostered commercial printing and a culture of reading. It created space for people — ordinary people, needing no official sanction or filter — to read and think about their faith and life’s profoundest questions. Ultimately, that undermined the authority of, to take another phrase from the King James Version (Romans 13:1), “the powers that be.”
“Free discussions about the authority of Church and state,” Bobrick argues, “fostered concepts of constitutional government in England, which in turn were the indispensable prerequisites for the American colonial revolt. Without the vernacular Bible — and the English Bible in particular, through its impact on the reformation of English politics — there could not have been democracy as we know it.”
The translators of the King James Version stated their “desire that the Scripture may speak like itself, as in the language of Canaan, that it may be understood of the very vulgar.” In a cultural triumph difficult to imagine 400 years later, it not only found a wide audience, but elevated it.
If you want to see the cornerstone of Western Civilization,the bedrock of English style democracy,if you want to see the foundations of American constitutional liberty,go find yourself a King James Bible,and there you will find the source of everything that has made us great.