Friday, July 29, 2011

We Know What To Do,We Just Lack The Will To Do What Is Right!

From Punditt & Pundette;
Call me cynical but I don't think it matters much either way. Trying to stanch a hemorrhage with a pinky-sized bandaid won't prevent the inevitable bleed-out. Most Americans are either oblivious to the fiscal mess we're in or panicked by Obama and the liberal media into the view that their intransigent representatives need to hurry up and "fix" this with more borrowing. What's clear is that we -- Congress and most Americans -- lack the will to deal with it in any significant way.

We can blame Obama,John Boehner,or any other politician all we want to,but at the end of the day this whole mess-this massive hole of debt we are in- is all our fault-We The People's fault.The American people always get what we want and the truth be told we want big government no matter how bad its crushing our economy.We may rail against it,but when it comes time to do something about it,we hem and haw and do very little to reduce the size of government,because we embrace security over liberty.

That's where the real debate is isn't it,between liberty and security.Would you rather be free,governing yourself,answering only to God and your family,or would you rather feel safe and secure,letting a government handle all the unpleasant things in life,making all those difficult decisions for you?We have chosen security,but security comes with a price,your liberty.

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