Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'We Are Better Than Them'

'Islam is a Poison That is Killing The West.Western Civilization is Worth Fighting For - Will We?':
 Does our exceptionalism derive from our laws, in which case if we compromise our laws then we given up the only worthwhile thing about us and there is nothing more to fight for– or are our laws the means by which we protect our individual and national exceptionalism?

What makes us execptional and the law:
We are not better than they are because we guarantee civil rights to our enemies– we are better than they are because of Michelangelo, the microchip and universal education. We are better than they are because of Shakespeare, the space shuttle and the World Trade Center. We are better for all the reasons around us, the accomplishments, the achievements, the knowledge we have gained and the society we have built.

Our laws were crafted to protect these achievements, the exceptionalism of the individual from the government, and that of the nation from internal and external enemies. The laws have no individual life apart from the culture of the nation that created them and maintains them. It would be possible to transpose the United States Constitution to Indonesia, Libya or Pakistan and it wouldn’t last a single day there. No mere document can safeguard rights and freedoms that a culture does not value, and no culture that does not value them is deserving of their protection if such protection has the cumulative effect of destroying those same rights and freedoms.
Shouldn't we be tolerant of other cultures?:
Tolerance and civil rights are worthless unless the countries and cultures where they are expressed are also defended. Any form of tolerance which leads to its own destruction is not only poisonous to a host culture, but is also literarily self-destructive. All healthy entities whether biological, organizational or intellectual contain the means for their own continuance and self-perpetuation. Any entity which does not is poisonous and must be treated as such, and to defend any idea or code above the survival of the culture that carries it is a homicidal act.
This is what I don't get about those on the left and some on the right,that Muslim's in the Middle-East are not angry because we are there,but they are angry with us because of who we are.

This is my major concern about Ron Paul.He thinks that if we just leave them alone,they will leave us alone.That is naive and will never happen.They are at war with us and want to see the absolute destruction of Western Civilization and they will succeed if we don't stand up and defend it.

The War on Terror is a culture war.It is a war to determine whether Western culture will dominate the world or Islamic culture.Its a clash of civilization's and only one will be left standing in the end.God help the world if Western Civilization passes into the dust heap of history and Islam comes to dominate the world.

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