Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Trying To 'Purge' Ron Paul Delegates From The RNC

Doug Wead:
Remember my warning that there were votes in a locked box taken from the state convention in Arizona?  And that the Ron Paul victory there could be reversed if someone wanted to cheat?  Well they did, and we lost it.  I am gathering the facts and it is stunning, with 100 new ballots appearing out of the Romney ether.
Worse, there is evidence that the Ron Paul victory in Louisiana, a victory that even the media acknowledged and proclaimed to the world, may be reversed as well.  I will give you the details Monday.
Meanwhile, there is evidence of a full scale purge of any Ron Paul delegate, from any state, to the RNC.  If you are a delegate, keep your head down.  They are looking for you.  More on all of that this Monday.
You know these people have to be out of their mind if they think they are ENTITLED to my vote.