Friday, May 18, 2012

Yes We Do Need The Constitution

TL In Exile:  
While I harp on the Constitution, I know that most of my blathering is just for those who think there is some legitimate means of resistance. I don't think we need it. We do not need to justify our actions through the Constitution, but others might.

We cannot go back to it, but we can demand that the ideals that spawned it are alive and held within the hearts of those patriots of today, because the Constitution is nothing other than a declaration of the power of the people over their government, not the other way around. If one understands and believes that the individual is supreme, what else needs to be established?

TPTB have twisted ever word, every intent to serve themselves, yet the words remain, plain and in simple terms to anyone who cares to read it. We don't. Forget it, it doesn't matter, because we are determined to have liberty through whatever means secures it, or death. That is the original intent of the Constitution, to provide the legitimacy for those who need it and the rest, like us, we don't need it. We know we are not free and nothing else matters.

Their are 3 things that I believe in with all my heart.One is the Holy Bible,it is the unadulterated,inerrant,and inspired Word of God.Another is the Declaration of Independence,it defines where our liberties come from -our 'Creator'-,the purpose of government,and secures to the people the right' to alter or abolish' any form of government 'that becomes destructive to these ends.'Finally I believe in the Constitution as originally constructed,it creates our Federal government,defining its form,purpose,and limitations,through its original intent our liberties are protected.

My question is when did the Constitution betray you,Mr. Davis?When did the Constitution as originally constructed ever steal your liberty?Yes,they have been those,beginning with Lincoln all they way to our present time,who have subverted it,trampled upon it,and manipulated it,who have stolen our liberty,but the Constitution didn't do it.For those who have ears to hear,the Constitution rebuked them for it,but we didn't heed it.The fault lies with 'We the people',not with the Constitution it self.

If not the Constitution,then what form of government do you suggest?What form of government can you come up with that would best secure our liberties to ourselves and our posterity?Not a better one.

As for me,Mr. Davis,I will trust James Madison and our Founding Fathers over you or any one else where our liberties are concerned.


Brock Townsend said...

Yes, big battle going on about this. Can't go wrong with our Founders.

Thomas Gann said...

Thank you for your comment Brock.

I don't understand this at all.If we are not fighting for the Constitution,what are we fighting for.

Brock Townsend said...

Yes, I agree.