Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Boehner Folds Up Once Again .........'

Via Hell On Earth:
If there is a tax we whould be paying it is this one. The tax they cut last year and extended for another whole two months is the one that funds Social Security and Medicare. Since there is no Social Security "lockbox

All this "tax cut" does is short change the Social Security system and add to what our government has to borrow each year. We are going to wind up paying for it anyway.
Boehner needs to quit being such a pussy and stand up. Be a man. If he never intended to follow through with this thing he should have saved himself the humiliation and gave in from the beginning. Now he just looks really lame.
We need someone else in charge of the House. Someone with a PAIR of balls...
If you look up the word chump in the dictionary,there next to it will be a photo of John Boehner.

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