Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Margaret Sanger: The Mother Of The Culture Of Death

'Margaret Sanger and the War on Compassion':
Despite the insistence of her ardent supporters that Sanger was caught up in the common thought of her times, she was opposed by many contemporaries, who rejected such theories on the grounds both of faith and of American principles. She may have lived a life of passion, as Jean Baker asserts, but among her great passions was eugenics. It was one of the great legacies she sought to leave to the world.
In many ways, Sanger’s dream has been realized. For generations the sterilization of the poor and the vulnerable has been a reality pushed by government agencies and population-control groups. North Carolina is one of a number of states still debating reparations for victims of the state’s mandatory sterilization program from the mid-20th century. Currently, roughly 90 percent of unborn children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. Obsessed with plucking the “weeds” from the human garden, Sanger and her fellow eugenicists lost sight of what it means to be human.
In the end, Sanger’s passion waged war on compassion, redefining pregnancy as a battle zone for the survival of the fittest. It is a bleak doctrine, made all the more terrible because of the millions in public funds still being deployed to advance her eugenic struggle.
In many ways Margaret Sanger was more dangerous than,Adolf Hitler.Her ideas on 'social engineering' have not received the stigma of evil as Hitler's ideas of a Aryan super-race has justly received from history.No,her ideas have been embraced by the West,producing abortion on demand and the killing our elderly,in the name of 'the greater good.'In the end,Margaret Sanger,has been a far greater force for evil in this world.

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