Saturday, April 27, 2013

Global Warming Is A Good Thing

From The Daily Caller:

Steam engineer and amateur scientist Guy Stewart Callendar, who first theorized a link between global warming and carbon dioxide emissions 75 years ago, believed that global warming would be a boon to mankind.
“Callendar, who died in 1964, aged 66, thought global warming was good because it would stop what he called ‘deadly glaciers’ returning and could boost the growth of crops at high latitude,” The BBC reports.
Callendar’s claim may not be that far off. For example, Reuters reported that Greenland residents are able to grow crops they previously couldn’t because of longer, warmer summers. Thawing ice sheets have also spurred increased mining and oil exploration.
I've been saying for awhile now,that global warming,if true,would be a very good thing for humanity.Ice ages are the real danger to mankind!

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