Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tiger Woods Dishonors The Legacy Of Bobby Jones

Tiger Woods was charged a 2 stroke penalty at The Masters on Saturday after signing an incorrect scorecard.Many golfers,both past and present,said that Tiger Woods should have withdrawn from the tournament.3 time Masters champion Nick Faldo saying this:
“He should really sit down and consider this - it will taint his legacy and his life,” he said. “I would be saying: ‘I have broken the rules of golf’. Sometimes the black and whiteness is harsh, but Tiger would get massive brownie points if he stood up and said: ‘Fair enough, I’ve broken the rules’ and walked.”

Explaining why he believed Woods was wrong to play on, Faldo said: “Tiger gained an advantage intentionally. He said so himself. He was judge and jury. If he goes on to win what kind of asterix would he have next to this Masters? Arnold Palmer said that in our game the integrity of golf must be taken forward. We are custodians of the game. We must carry it forward.”

Golf is a game rooted in personal integrity,honor and fair play.It is the only sport where an individual calls a foul upon themselves for infringing upon the rules.

The Masters is a tournament that was created by golfing legend Bobby Jones.It is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the game of golf and perserving the legacy of it founder,Bobby Jones.

Bobby Jones is revered for his personal integrity.He never played the game of golf professionally but always maintained his amateur status.His profession was that of a lawyer.

If there was anyplace Tiger Woods should have upheld the traditions of the game of golf and honored the memory of Bobby Jones,it would be at The Masters.Never the less,Tiger Woods showed he cared nothing for the sport that has made him a multi-millionaire,only caring about his own personal glory.

BTW,you think he would have been allowed to stay in the tournament if he wasn't Tiger Woods?Not a chance.

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