Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Big Business Of 'The War On Poverty'

From Breitbart:
“Boomtown 2” also discussed how companies that administer Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards profit when the welfare rolls swell. Since 2004, for example, JP Morgan, which donated $808,799 to Barack Obama in 2008, has made at least $560,492,596 running EBT programs for 18 states.

Despite the $15 trillion U.S. taxpayers have spent since the war on poverty’s inception, poverty in America is largely unchanged. This week, figures from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that nearly 50 million Americans live below the federal poverty line.

Just like Boeing and many others have profited off the Military Industrial Complex,so have JP Morgan and others profited hugely off the anti-poverty programs our government cultivates.It would be far cheaper if the federal government cut every single American a check for at least $100 thousand,than to spend it on the anti-poverty programs it has created,but then JP Morgan and others wouldn't be making a huge windfall.Follow the money and you will find the truth every time.

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