Sunday, January 30, 2011

Should We Celebrate The Civil War Or Not

First of all let me be upfront and transparent about my use of the term Civil War in the title,rather than,as I believe,the more proper term of War Between the States.It is a shameless effort on my part of trying to gain notice in search engines and increase blog traffic,by using the more well known term for the WBTS,the Civil War.Thank you for indulging me.

Their is a lot of consternation among many as to whether we should celebrate the 150th anniversary of WBTS.They believe,"their is nothing to celebrate."For them,it is a period of our history that should be remembered only with anguish and mourning.

Others,like me, believe we should commemorate. the war.Marking this time in our history with solemnity,honoring and paying homage to those who participated in those events 150 years ago.Celebrating the valor,and bravery of those,both North and South,who demonstrated these virtues on many battlefields.

The WBTS was a painful time in our history and we should mourn that their couldn't have been a more peaceful way to resolve our difference's.We shouldn't forget,however, that out of this pain the endominal human spirit shone through,producing many great men,who have been denoted by history and others only known to their own posterity and some only remembered by God.

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