Monday, January 31, 2011

The Threat At Gun Free Zones

From David Condrea at National gun rights Examiner,Will terrorist in next attack on U.S. enter from Mexico?; That or schools, as happened in Beslan.
The softest targets would be so-called “gun free zones.”  And no doubt “assault weapons” would be used.
Leading to a frenzied nonstop blood dance accompanied by furious demands from opportunistic politicians, zealots and the media to further disarm Americans, rendering us even more vulnerable…
Is there any doubt that would be their reaction? Read the full article here.

I think the biggest potential target against the United States by Al-Quadi or any other terrorist group is our schools and other gun free zones.The Jihada's have surely  by now noticed how terrified we are of violence at ours schools and its only a matter of time before they deliver a Mumbia style attacks against them somewhere here.

Gun free zones are unsafe zones.The best deterrent to criminal behavior is a well armed citizenry,their is no doubt.A well armed citizenry is also the best deterrence against terrorism too.

More gun control laws are not the answer.Terrorist nor criminals abide by the law.The only ones affected by gun control laws are the law abiding citizens of this country,who only would defend their family,home and country with their firearms.

The answer,is as our founders designed it,in our Constitutional and our God given right,to bear arms.

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