Saturday, June 11, 2011

MSM: Looking For A Needle In Sarah Palin's E:Mail Haystack,While Ignoreing The Fire Coming From Anthony Weiner's Roast

All day yesterday the MSM sorted through Sarah Palin's e:mails and found absolutely nothing!If anyone in the history of the United States has been vetted completely,it has been Sarah Palin.

On the other hand the MSM has largely ignored Congressman Anthony Weiner's texting scandal with a 17 year old girl.

This from Patterico;

So why is the press now ignoring the ‘underage girl’ angle of the #Weinergate story that has had MORE proof behind it then the Tweet Seen ‘Round The World that went to Seattle co-ed Gennete Cordova?
This bears repeating, so I’ll repeat it.
There has been more clear, explicit, inexplicable and publicly available information about an inappropriate online relationship between Rep. Anthony Weiner and the girl Patterico calls “Ethel” then there has been about ANY other person – yet the press hasn’t even asked pertinent questions about. Most of this info was available during the ENTIRE story. Reporters like Tommy Christopher certainly know all about it, but failed to even mention it once in his reporting
We no longer have a free and independent media,but a free and partisan media.The MSM is no longer just "biased",it has now openly chosen sides,the liberal side.They will suppress news they think harms their left wing agenda or even fabricate news when it suits their cause.

If it wasn't for Patterico,Andrew Brietbart and others,we would no very little,if any thing at all about this whole sordid scandal involving,Anthony Weinner.Thank God for citizen journalist like them.

Don't be dismayed though,the MSM will continue to dig into every crack and crevice of Sarah Palin's life and continue to find nothing.

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