Monday, November 21, 2011

Larry Munson,A "Dawgs" Best Friend Has Past Away

A legend has past:
Today, however, the Bulldog Nation is in mourning. For the gravely voice of Larry Munson, who passionately implored his beloved team to “hunker down” in the face of adversity, has been silenced. Munson, who became the voice of the Bulldogs in 1966 and will be its passion eternally, died Sunday at the age of 89.
“If you ask the average Georgia fan who best represents the spirit of Georgia football, it wouldn’t be a player or a coach,” former Georgia quarterback (1973-76) and head coach (1989-95) Ray Goff said. “It would be Larry Munson. He cared about Georgia and our fans loved him for it. There will never be another one like him.”
I have spent a many Saturdays in the Fall with Larry,rooting the "Dawgs" on,worrying over the outcome of the game with him,mourning loses,and celebrating victorys.Larry Munson is just as much an institution at Georgia as,Uga or Hershel Walker.Georgia wouldn't  be the same without them.

Larry Munson cannot be described,he must be expierenced.Rest in peace,Larry,you will be missed.

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