Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Britain In Flames:America Behold Your Future Part II

From ABC News;

The violence and arson attacks that have rattled north London since the weekend have now moved across all parts of the capital and are spreading on a smaller scale to other British cities, the first time the recent unrest has flared outside the U.K.'s capital.
This is what will happen in this country,either right before the election on November 6,2012-Obama and company will stop at nothing to gain reelection and rioting in the streets would be an ideal reason for Obama to cancel the election and declare marshall law-,or if Obama is defeated the rage of the left will be on display through out this country and our cities will burn.I hope I am wrong,but I don't see it.

Do what you need to do now to be prepared,stock up on ammo,canned goods,water,and gas,etc.Don't wait do it now!

Also see America Behold Your Future,the Greek version.

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