Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Your Silver Has Become Dross'

From Godfather Politics:
There was a time in our nation’s history (not long ago) when goods were purchased with gold and silver coins, or paper dollars that could be redeemed in gold and silver (gold and silver certificates representing owner‑ or bank‑held gold and silver). Gold coinage ceased in 1934 by governmental decree. The mints produced the last silver dollars in 1935; silver quarters, half‑dollars, and dimes were discontinued for general circulation in 1965.
The poor usually are the first affected by the debasement of money because they receive the ability to purchase goods when the effects of inflation already have ravaged the economy. The poor may be unemployed or hold low paying jobs with little or no increases in salary. If inflation increases 10‑15% per year and wages only 2‑5%, a reduction in purchasing power results. Of course, those not able to work or dependent on charity, experience an even more grievous condition. The Bible maintains that inflation has its greatest effects on widows and orphans:
“Your silver has become dross, your drink diluted with water. Your rulers are rebels, and companions of thieves; every one loves a bribe, and chases after rewards. They do not defend the orphan, nor does the widow’s plea come before them” (Isaiah 1:22–23).
The very policies instituted by politicians to help the poor created the massive debt that now has turned on the poor and made them even more dependent upon government assistance. To deliver the promised programs of prosperity, the federal government took our nation off the gold standard and inflated the dollar with more and more paper “currency,” since the gold standard prohibited our political leaders from tampering with the money supply.
When the official protector of weights and measures, the civil magistrate, disregards commandments regarding sound money, what stops the general populace from gouging the poor as well?
Isaiah 1:22-23 really hits the nail on the head where our government is concerned.How things change but they really stay the same.

Again,who is the ONLY candidate that supports sound money?Yes,you would be right,Ron Paul.

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