Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Is What Happens When You Don't Fully Vett A Candidate

One of the common memes about this primary season is,'at least Mitt got vetted.'Wrong!We discussed Romneycare,Mitt's flip-flops,we were even discussed Mitt's wealth,but at no time did we ever discuss Mitt's Mormon faith.Since we didn't discuss it,the left will discuss it:
Unlike Da Tech Tech Guy, who saw this coming long ago, some Republicans were shocked — shocked! – by Lawrence O’Donnell’s Tuesday night anti-Mormon rant. Others were mystified as to why, in an appearance with Jay Leno, Meet the Press host David Gregory casually asserted that Mormonism ”is the core of who Mitt Romney is” and – oh, just by the way, Jay — did you know Mitt was actually an LDS bishop?
These remarks by O’Donnell and Gregory were rather unsubtle hints of what our liberal media friends are chatting about amongst themselves, and perhaps some Republicans are too stupid to imagine how this meme might make its way into Serious Journalism. But here’s the trick: Rather than raising the subject themselves, liberals will introduce the topic of Mitt’s Mormonism by referencing criticism from evangelical Christians.
Bill Clinton was asked,back in 1992,whether he wore boxers or briefs?Mitt is going to be asked whether he wears woolen undergarments or not?Also,in conjunction with same-sex marriage,Mitt will be asked whether he supports polygamy or not?How about this one,does Mitt believe Jesus and Satan were brothers?or maybe this one,will you be a god of your own planet or not when you die?All this and more is coming Mitt's way very soon.

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