Monday, April 16, 2012

Swine On Swine Crime In Michigan

In the state of Michigan it is now criminal to own certain species of pigs under Michigan's new Invasive Species Order,making it a felony to own them.These 'outlawed' pigs are identified by their fur,skeletal appearance,not having squiggly tails but straight tails,erect ears,and of course,'other characteristics not currently known to the MDNR that are identified by the scientific community.'Most of these species of pigs are owned by small family farms.

To enforce this 'intolerable' order,the Michigan Department of Natural Resources conducted ARMED RAIDS on 2 farms for being in violation of the Invasive Species Order.One farmer to avoid arrest had to shoot his pigs before the 'thugs' arrived.

My guess is that the large corporate pig farms are behind this order.They are seeking to drive their smaller competition out of business,by manipulating the laws against them.After they have ruined them,they will come in buy their farms for next to nothing and create a monopoly by which they can manipulate the market and make out like bandits.

On a side note,I have been wondering how the elites and progressives are going to save themselves in the oncoming economic collapse and I think I know?They are going to control the food supply.We all have to eat and who ever controls the food supply,controls you.

For the last few years our 'betters' have been buying up farm land like crazy.I believe the largest concentration of 'farmers' in the world live in,New York City.Not much farm land in that asphalt jungle.

Also,the Obama administration has been trying to virtually outlaw the family farm with new regulations,that would make them 'too expensive' own.

This should scare the living daylights out of every liberty loving American.If the state of Michigan can violate the 4th Amendment and stage armed raids to enforce some wrong pig policy,what is to stop the Federal or any other state government to invade your home to enforce the wrong diet policy because you are eating pork that doesn't have a squiggly tail.

It is insane policies like this that began the American Revolution.Tea Party folks,do you know why the Sons of Liberty dumped the King's tea into Boston Harbor?Because the King created a monopoly for the East India Company with his Tea Act,by taxing all other tea but the East India Company's tea.Ever heard of the Stamp Act,were the colonies were forced to buy paper that was produced in London with the official King's stamp.

You may say its only pigs,big deal.Well you could say it was only tea and paper back then,but we all know it was about much more than that.It was about all our God given liberties.If the government can violate the smallest of our God given rights,its only a matter of time before they can regulate all our speech,violate all of our property rights,invade our privacy,and take away our means to self defence.

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