Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maureen Dowd's Disillusionment

Maureen Dowd:
Obama is still suffering from the Speech Illusion, the idea that he can come down from the mountain, read from a Teleprompter, cast a magic spell with his words and climb back up the mountain, while we scurry around and do what he proclaimed.
The days of spinning illusions in a Greek temple in a football stadium are done. The One is dancing on the edge of one term.
Ever meet a beautiful woman,someone you believed the sun and moon shined upon,only to find out later how dumb and lousy they really were?Well,this what is happening to Maureen Dowd and others on the left,they have awoke out of their dream to find themselves lying in bed next to Barack Obama and wondering,"how in the hell did I get here?"

Its what psychologist call disillusionment.Where you realize what you believed to be true,wasn't true at all,but a fantasy you projected onto someone or something else, that's disillusionment.

The left believed,Obama,was FDR and JFK all rolled into one,now they have been disillusioned to the fact that "The One" is nothing more than an empty suit and dumber than a box of rocks.

Conservatives shouldn't be illusioned by this either.None of these leftist will ever support a Republican no matter what.Unless Hillary or someone else rises to challenge Obama in the Democratic primary,they will stand by their man to the end.

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