Monday, September 26, 2011

'Underscoring The Wisdom Of The Founding Fathers'

From The Other McCain:
Now, the Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution that at least affords us the chance for something better. They knew, having just crawled out from under an authoritarian thumb, that a similar leader could arise in these United States.

Couple of points:
Don’t make it personal, no matter how personal the Bad Man gets. BHO is symptomatic, but he is not the disease. Merely voting him out does less good than you’d think.

Keep in mind: the problems are economic.US energy policy sucks, the monetary policy sucks even more, and the entitlement mentality has sapped the American zest for liberty to an alarming degree. You’ve had a Presidential candidate tell the truth about Social Security in a very big way, and now he’s being thrown under the bus. Can Americans handle the truth?

I think the country is still half-awake. The growing awareness of what is wrong is there. What is lacking is the leadership and guts to take the pain of correcting the mess.

You cannot take a moderate approach to cancer; hence the disquiet with the smooth-talking blue-state RINO possibilities for President. They either give good concession speech to BHO’s second term, or continue to expand the federal government, to the detriment of liberty.

We must restrain this federal government, as the Founders would have it.

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