Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Joe McGinness,Democrats,And Other Paassive Aggressive Racists'

From The Pagan Temple:
McGinness and his defenders say more about themselves than they do the Tea Party or for that matter about Palin. Why should they assume conservatives should be so up in arms at the idea Palin might have had a brief fling with a black man? This is the most obvious sign of racist projection I have ever seen, and for Democrats that's saying something.

This is a party that promoted and defended slavery, and then Jim Crow, and who to this day think of the black race as a group of people who are so inferior they require the beneficence of the federal government to protect them and even to support them. Taken to its natural extreme, it won't be long before the feds start sending government employees out to all the government housing projects to cook their meals, clean their houses, and wash their clothes, with the taxpayer picking up the tab.

Liberals have always been the real racists.They are the ones who believe that African-Americans are so inferior that they can't take care or support themselves,not conservatives.

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