Monday, February 20, 2012

Reposted:Happy Tyrant,Socialists,Drunk,Whoremonger,And Abject Failures Day.

Today,along with George Washington,we have chosen to honor the other 43 men who have occupied the office of President.Not all these men deserved to be honored.

Today we choose to honor a tyrant,Abrham Lincoln.Lincoln trampled the Constitution under foot,to do nothing more than to subjagate the Southern states to the Northern states for their own economic benifit.Most all of our present problems concerning a large and out of control goverment began with Lincoln.

Today we choose to honor socialists,Woodrow Wilson,FDR,and his cousin Teddy.They felt the Federal goverment should choose the winners and losers of life,rather than let it be decided by a mans own wits,hard work,and dertimination.They,like Lincoln,cared nothing for the Constitution,but saw it as an obstacle that had to be subverted.

We also choose to honor social deviants such as U S. Grant and Bill Clinton.Grant was a drunk and a failure at everything he did in life,except at the mauling of the armies he commanded.Bill Clinton is a whoremonger and a habitual liar,who will argue over the meaning of the word,"is."

Lets us not forget our failures,Jimmy Carter,and Barak Obama.Jimmy Carter projected weakness throughout the world and in return the radical Muslim's in Iran siezed our embassy there and held the staff hostage.Carter also didn't see goverment as the problem to our economic woes,but saw the so called "mailase" of the American people as the problem.As for Obama,he wont be outdone by Jimmy Carter,he has apollogized to the world for America,their is no dictator he wont bow to and its our fault,not his, we haven't emerged out of the "Great Reccession" yet.



Brock Townsend said...

Tyrant Lincoln.

The Grandson Of Francis Scott Key Arrested By Lincoln

The grandson of Francis Scott Key, Francis Key Howard, the editor of the Baltimore Exchange, was arrested as well as others who wrote against Lincoln. While he was imprisoned at Fort McHenry, he wrote the following words. The date was September 13, 1861...... 47 years to the day!

'When I looked out in the morning, I could not help being struck by an odd and not pleasant coincidence. On that day, forty-seven years before, my grandfather, Mr. F. S. Key, the prisoner on a British ship, had witnessed the bombardment of Ft. McHenry. When on the following morning the hospital fleet drew off, defeated, he wrote the song so long popular throughout the country, the Star Spangled Banner. As I stood upon the very scene of that conflict, I could not but contrast my position with his, forty-seven years before. The flag which he had then so proudly hailed, I saw waving at the same place over the victims of as vulgar and brutal a despotism as modern times have witnessed."

When he was finally released on November 27, 1862 he wrote:

"We came out of prison just as we had gone in, holding the same just scorn and detestation [for] the despotism under which the country was prostrate, and with a stronger resolution that ever to oppose it by every means to which, as American freemen, we had the right to resort."

Thomas Gann said...

Brock-I new Lincoln had arrestted Francis Scott Key's grandson,Francis Key Howard,but I had never heard the full story,thank you.

The Mad Bomber said...

You demonstrate the practical reasons why Americans would do well to abandon the cult of the executive. Although you limit yourself to the "the-President-is-only-human-after-all" argument, there are actually a whole host of historical and institutinoal reasons why it makes no sense for us to regard the President as some superhuman, Zeus-like figure. One of the most important is that American constitutional federalism was never designed with the imperial presidency in mind. From a plain reading of the Constitution, it is obvious that the executive was intended to be strictly co-equal with (read: relatively powerless as against) the other branches. George Washington never expected that one day the role of the presidency would be manipulated to suit the grandiose ambitions of men like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt or George W. Bush.

The other reason, utilitarian, comes from both libertarian political theory and public-choice economics. The current system, centered de facto around a God-like executive, encourages the worst sort of personality to want the job in the first place. The imperial presidency will naturally attract those with imperial ambitions: namely, the most narcissistic, the most megalomaniacal, and frankly, the most reckless power- and glory-seekers. Much of the reason, after all, why American federalism was designed with its numerous checks and balances is that the Founders knew that human beings (in this context, read: Presidents) could not be trusted overmuch with power.

Thomas Gann said...

Thank you for the comment,The Public Eye.

With the election of Abraham Lincoln we have gone from a nation of laws,a Costitutional Republic,to a nation of men,an Impeiral Democracy.We haven't just made a tyrant out of the President,but we have made a tyrant out of ourselves.

Our natural rights and our Constitutional rights are no longer non-negotiable,but are subject to the will of the majority.We have freedom of speech as long as the majority doesn't label it as hate speech.We have the right to bear arms as long as those arms are approved of by the majority.

Tyranny is tyranny,whether in the hands of a single tyrant or in the hands of a mob,its all the same.