Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy'

From Katrina Trinko:
And it’s not just Maine and Colorado. Talking to reporters in January, Benton predicted that the Paul campaign would ultimately “win the Iowa delegation, even though we took a close third place . . . on caucus night.” Seventy-five percent of the Minnesota delegates to local party conventions are Paul backers, according to the campaign.
Ultimately, the odds that Paul could get enough delegates to swing the national convention to a vote nominating him are nil. But the more delegates Paul controls, the more of an impact he can have on determining the GOP platform at the convention. Furthermore, if it does come to a brokered convention — admittedly an unlikely scenario — the Paul campaign will be ready. Benton refuses to speculate about what the specific odds are that there will be a brokered convention, but does say of the possibility, “We’ve always seen it as more likely than most people would.”
The campaign is also flirting with the possibility that “bound” delegates won’t ultimately be bound. “We would like to take a majority of the delegates and so if there is an unbinding after round one, or if there is a rule passed on the floor of the Republican National Convention to unbind the delegates, then the majority of the delegates [in a given state delegation] would be our supporters and we would control that delegation,” Benton remarks. He notes the campaign’s efforts in Nevada, where delegates are considered bound for the first round of votes: Paul came in third, winning 19 percent of the vote, but the campaign believes it currently controls 60 percent of the delegates. If by some chance those delegates became unbound (and the campaign managed to control 60 percent of the convention delegates), the convention-delegate vote would not mirror Nevada’s caucus vote.
Looking ahead, the campaign is particularly targeting Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, North Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri. Most of those states’ delegates are bound.
The Paul campaign is frank about its belief that no other campaign is as well set up to acquire delegates.
Wouldn't be something,while Mitt,Newt,and Santorum are out playing the beauty contest,Ron Paul slowly garners enough delegates to win the nomination.Either way Ron Paul will be heard at this Summers GOP convention.

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