Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Climate:Change You Can Believe In

From Right Wing News:

As we get into the coldest month of the year, we are seeing a slight increase in flu outbreaks, but, so far, world wide the flu season has been a bust. So, is a warming world really that bad? At the beginning of the Little Ice Age, the Black Death ran rampant, killing 75 million from Europe to Asia. And like today’s warm period, the LIA was natural. Things will happen, some good, some bad. People have still been getting colds this fall/winter, but most have been mild. This mild winter could (there’s that word again, very scientific) cause more Lyme Disease this year. For the Warmists, though, hot cold wet dry is a cause for apoplexy and force 10 moonbattery. They are true Flat Earthers, thinking that nothing should ever change, that the climate and weather should always be the same and entirely predictable.
I've said this before,that global warming is a good thing,its periods of global cooling that are the real killers.

BTW,climate change has to be the biggest oxymoron their is.Doesn't the climate do just that,change?Isn't that why we have seasons,Winter,Spring,Summer and Fall.In fact,isn't some of the most inhospitable places on Earth is were the climate never changes,Antarticia and deserts?Maybe,just maybe,climate change is NORMAL!

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