Thursday, February 16, 2012

Democrats Are Trying To Nip Marco Rubio In The Bud

Verbatim post from The Daily Caller:

There seems to be an orchestrated effort emerging to undermine Sen. Marco Rubio. At least, that’s how it looks.
On the heels of that recent and terribly flawed Reuters story, there have been multiple other shots fired his direction. Some of this may simply speak to Rubio’s level of activity and effectiveness. But the assault hardly seems organic.
Consider the last week, or so, as an example.
During a press briefing this week, White House press secretary Jay Carney took aim at Rubio’s proposed bi-partisan legislation on the religious liberty issue. And a video produced by the DNC also cast Rubio as Obama’s primary adversary over the religious liberty/contraception fight, calling his views “extreme.”
News revealing that Sen. Rubio had hired a firm to research his own background (a smart move for any politician) was “brought to BuzzFeed’s attention by American Bridge, a Democratic opposition research group.”(It’s worth noting American Bridge has previously admitted to targeting Rubio.)
And with another day comes another Rubio story. Politico is out today with what appears to be the latest attempt planted by the Obama Administration to undermine Rubio.
This lasest story seems to be a big nothing burger. Still, this should be viewed in context — not as a stand-alone — but rather as the latest example of a larger effort to strangle the baby in the crib — to undermine one of the few Republicans viewed to be an existential threat to the future of liberalism in America.

With every passing day the likely-hood of a GOP brokered convention becomes more and more possible. Obama and the Democrats are not going to sit back and wait for the GOP to decide on a nominee and then attack him or her.They are going to be more proactive and attack potential threats now and Marco Rubio maybe the biggest potential threat to Obama and a 2nd term in the Republican party.

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