Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ron Paul And The Hobbit Conspiracy

The latest conspiracy theory that's being floated around -primarily by the Rick Santorum campaign- is that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have a secret compact.The secret agreement would have Ron Paul attack only Santorum and Gingrich,leaving Romney untouched and handing him the GOP nomination.In return for this,Mitt Romney would name Ron Paul as his running mate.

This is not only laughable but absurd.From The republican Mother,this quote by Doug Wead,answers this absudity best:

"Ron Paul would throw the Ring of Power into Mount Doom."
"If 22 years of lobbyists, women, and ego temptations in Congress didn't corrupt Ron Paul, you actually think that Mitt Romney can corrupt him?"


Anonymous said...

There is nothing to see, this is not the hobbit you seek, there is no Paul-Romney agreement. Move along.

Thomas Gann said...

Thank you,Anonymous.I pretty much had that figured out.;p