Saturday, January 28, 2012

'Are Gay Men Causing Women To Hate Themselves?'

If you think Kristina Hendricks is fat,something is wrong with you!
From POWIP: When speaking with MamaV it occurred to me that perhaps the domination of the Fashion Industry by Gay Men has a great deal with today's "perfect body".

It makes a great deal of sense that men who prefer men would think that less-curvy women are more attractive.
Lots of Stuff to Contemplate.
Let me put it this way: if you're not into hips and boobs... if you prefer the "perfect male physique" (different topic), it makes sense that you would find women with narrower hips and smaller boobs relatively more attractive than the chick on Mad Men. You know, the one with the abundance of outstanding assets.
Someone will accuse me of Homophobia or something for writing this. But I am sure it is not a novel line of thinking. I just haven't encountered this hypothesis before.
Odd to think that perhaps women are being pressured to look more like boys by people who prefer "boys/men".
I would also like to point out that homosexuality is rooted and grounded in self-hatred,and why wouldn't someone who is engrossed with hating themselves not project that unto others.

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