Friday, January 20, 2012

'The Death Of Venture Capitalism?'

From Larry Anderson at the American Thinker:
We could be witnesses to the death of venture capitalism and its replacement by crony capitalism. If Obama is reelected, the end of unfettered venture capitalism is all but guaranteed. Certain GOP candidates seem as dead set against a healthy environment for venture capitalism as our current president. Crony capitalism already drives much of the health, energy, auto, insurance, and even major parts of food industries in America. Many (not all) farmers, hospitals, car manufacturers, "green energy" enterprises, small businesses, etc. look to Washington first for financing. Crony capitalism will be the end of America, as we know it, and too many of the GOP candidates seem to be comfortable with that fact.
The problem with crony capitalism is that it is grounded in coercion. The government does not consult the people who provide the investment money. Those investors are U.S. taxpayers. The taxpayer is forced to support the government's choice of winners. In venture capitalism the investors voluntarily risk their money. In crony capitalism the investor has no say at all in the investment. This was as true of George W. Bush's funding of "faith-based initiatives," as it is for Obama's "investments" in bankrupt green-energy companies like Solyndra.  In Chapter 5 of Throw Them All Out, Peter Schweizer has shown that three quarters of the first $20 billion the DOE "invested" in green energy went to companies with direct ties to the Obama campaign -- including at least ten members of Obama's election finance committee and over a dozen Obama campaign "bundlers."

Right now both parties see the U.S. government as a cash-cow for themselves and their friends to raid and enrich themselves.If by some miracle Romney,Santorum,or Newt,would defeat Obama in November,the only thing to change would be the replacement of Obama's cronies with their own.

The only candidate that believes in free-markets,individual liberty,and constitutional government is Ron Paul,but you wouldn't know that listening to Mitt's cronies,Rush and Hannity. 

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