Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Thoughts From Last Nights South Carolina Primary

1.) Once again,no one won last night,because no one got 50% of the vote.I don't care how many delegates were awarded to Newt Gingrich,more people voted against him than for him.

2.) Having said that,it was sure nice to see Romney have his @$$ handed to him though.

3.) Also,it was amazing to see FOX NEWS cut Sarah Palin off in favor of showing Ron Paul's speech.Will miracles never cease!

4.) I like Sarah Palin,but if she wanted a say in who wins this election she should have ran.She is nothing more than a spactator now.

5.) Another thing that was nice to see,was how all the know it all pundits are telling us how South Carolina doesn't matter now,since Mittens -their guy- didn't come in 1st.Last week,when all the polls seemed to favor Willard,they were telling us how crucial it was to win South Carolina.Wow!What a difference it makes,when the narrative changes.

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