Monday, January 23, 2012

The Frankenstien Romney

From Mark Steyn:
Mitt’s strategy for 2012 as for 2008 was to sit on his lead and run out the clock: Four years ago, that strategy died in New Hampshire; this time round it died one state later. Congratulations! Years ago, I was chit-chatting with Arthur Laurents, the writer of West Side Story and The Way We Were and much else, about some show that was in trouble on the road that he’d been called in to “fix.” “The trouble with a bad show,” he sighed, “is that you can make it better but you can never make it good.” The Romney candidacy is better than it was four years ago, but it’s not clear that it’s good. Mitt needs to get good real fast: A real speech, real plan, real responses, and real fire in the belly. Does he have it in him?
The trouble with Mitt is he isn't real.Their is nothing about him that isn't carefully contrived for your viewing pleasure,not to offend the general audience's sensibilities.This is why he comes off as a game show host,all smarmy,with a plastic smile,stupid laugh,and with a mouthful of cliches,a generic man everyone can like.

There in lies Mitt's problem,he is generic.Their is nothing authentically,Mitt,about him.Everything has been borrowed from others,based on their success,to create this sort of 'Frankenstien Monster' that we all see as,Mitt Romney.

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