Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Can't See The Big Picture

U.S. Presses South Korea To Reduce Oil Imports From Iran:

Washington is trying to curtail Iran’s oil exports, its main revenue source, and isolate the central bank. Delegations from the State, Energy and Treasury Departments are fanning out to Iran’s major customers, as well as to rival oil producers, to enlist their help in stifling Iran’s oil exports while making up any gap in supplies.
South Korea, a crucial American ally, voiced support for Washington’s efforts to check Iran’s nuclear program. Seoul depends on the United States for its defense against North Korea and works together with Washington to curb the North’s nuclear weapons program. American officials believe that a successful crackdown on Iran’s nuclear program could help curb North Korea’s.
But leaders of South Korea, which depends on imported oil, fear a sudden reduction in purchases from Iran might disrupt South Korea’s energy security and raise oil prices. Fighting inflation is President Lee Myung-bak’s key policy promise for 2012.
Seoul has yet to announce whether and by how much it might reduce its oil imports from Iran.
Our leadership in Washington is blind.They cannot see the big picture.As we seek to "curtail Iran's oil exports,"we should be increasing our own oil production and exports to supplant theirs and over take it.It would not only put a crimp in Iran's own source of revenue,but would give a much needed boost to our own economy.But,alas we can't see the forest for the carriboo.

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