Monday, January 9, 2012

Racial Sensitivity Gone Awry

How many liberals does it take,to screw things up?:
Figuring out how many oranges were picked by slaves and how many beatings per day Frederick Douglass received was allowed to help teach elementary students their multiplication and division tables at one school.
Administrators at Gwinnett
On Wednesday, nine third-grade math teachers at Beaver Ridge Elementary School were attempting to do a cross-curricular activity with a book the children had read about abolitionist Frederick Douglass in their social studies class. District spokeswoman Sloan Roach told CBS Atlanta that the math problems in the assignment involved some of what the students learned about Douglass. Four of the nine classes wound up sending the assignment home with the students. But when some parents were going over the students’ homework, they became appalled at the nature and language of two questions in particular.
I just love it when liberalism blows up in the lefts face.All these liberal teachers were trying to do,was to teach these 'young skulls full of mush' some Black Liberation Theology.They just wanted the white kids in their class to feel guilty over something they had nothing to do with and show them how hard it is to be black in America today.How horrible is that?Isn't this what liberals want?

This is what you get,when you supplant the teaching of history with racial sensitivity training,nonesense and stupidity.

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