Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'GOP Needs To Listen To Ron Paul'

Jim DeMint:
“One of the things that’s hurt the so-called conservative alternative is saying negative things about Ron Paul,” DeMint said Wednesday on a national radio show. “I’d like to see a Republican party that embraces a lot of the libertarian ideas.”
Later, DeMint said that the GOP “needs” libertarian voters – not just to rise above perpetual minority status but also to infuse the party with legitimate pro-taxpayer principles.
“You don’t have to agree with everything (Paul)’s saying but if the other candidates miss some of the wisdom about what he’s saying about monetary policy … that will be to our detriment,” DeMint said.
Amen and amen,Jim DeMint!

Ron Paul hasn't just exposed alot of RINOs in his White House run,but he has exposed alot of CINOs too,Conservatives In Name Only.

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