Friday, January 27, 2012

'Romney Can't Win'

From Riehl World View:

I believe it was Dan Gainor who pointed out via Twitter last night, in essence, the establishment may end up getting Romney through but they are quite possibly costing themselves the election to do it. Mitt Romney IS a progressive Republican who will say anything to get the nomination. The GOP sycophants that call themselves conservative in our Beltway media can shill and hide massive weaknesses for Romney all they want. Come a general election, they will be irrelevant and an Obama-friendly media will be calling the shots. Given the bias of so many GOP pundits in the primary, they will have no right to complain about it, as if it would even matter.
For Romney to attack every conservative from the Right, when he is so obviously and so far to the Left of them, demonstrates a complete lack of character and integrity. But slash and burn is all he has, as he has no core conservative principles and can't articulate them in an authentic manner. As much as I hate Obama's politics, as an individual, I have more respect for him today, than I do Mitt Romney. And I am far from alone. If the GOP doesn't realize what that will cost in soft support, or no support at all in the Fall, they are delusional.
With the advent of new media, too many people are seeing, talking and connecting today. The GOP in Washington is not the party of Reagan, it is a party on its way to the political wilderness for a decade or more without serious reform. The clearest sign of that is the support a Ron Paul pulls. It is 2 - 4 times what it should be and is a telling sign of just how many people have written, or are in the process of writing off the GOP establishment.
From RNC head, to primaries, now the primary, the GOP establishment consistently uses all its power to stomp down any conservative. Conservatives are fast approaching a breaking point. The GOP believes it will be fine because it will be all Obama come November. They are wrong. Mitt Romney has gone from unlikeable, to detestable and some of us are not going to forget it simply because the GOP thinks it can blow dog whistles around Obama.
When the GOP nominee formulated and implemented the model for ObamaCare, there's not enough distance between those two dogs to fight for much of anything come the general election. If nothing else, at least we can then finally be rid of Mitt Romney, who has been little more than a blight upon GOP presidential politics for two election cycles, now. The media structure enabling him may remain, but that too will be increasingly undersiege by grassroots-based new media. What we lack in money, we make up for in numbers. And we have the GOP's number thanks to the primary season, as well as several previous recent events.
Yesterday was a despicable day in American politics given the Romney/GOP garbage dump on former Speaker Newt Gingrich - and he wasn't even my guy. That the GOP sycophants and Team Romney will demonstrate absolutely no shame over it makes it abundantly clear that a GOP with Mitt Romney at the helm is unfit to govern America.
I will in no uncertain terms vote for Mitt Romney come November.He is liberal not a moderate -anyone to have authored Romneycare,which is the inspiration for Obamacare,is not a moderate and certainly no conservative,and I will not vote for a liberal period.

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